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diana vargas

on 4 April 2016

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Cumbia of Types

The typical dress cumbia

The instruments of cumbia.

It´s the musical expression of the people
All´s the cumbia´s compositions
made out of traditional instruments
The cumbia is....
The cumbia Have references to the sound of the mother nature
Diana Pilar Vargas Leiva.
Lizeth Alape Felix
Luz Aida Romero
Bagpipes female and male
It is instruments aerófono the origin native
bagpipes male, which has only one hole and the female which has five holes.
The male gives rhythmic and harmonic support to the female which carries the melody.

flute of millo
This flute, like the female Gaita, is also used to carry the melody.
It is made with cane millo what give a very particular sound.

Drum llamador and cheerful
It is instrumets musical of percussion
Drum llamador mark the rhytm ,It drum cheerful mark the melody.

It is Instrument idiofono

It is Instrument musical idiofono of scraping. Fabricate of cane the tin.

-woman wear skirts , of colors write and red are long and Voleros accompanying
- low-cut blouse shoulder
-flowers bow the right side of tha head

-men wear long white pants
-white long-sleeved blouse
-vueltiado hat that makes them look more elegant,
red scarf and espadrilles


The cumbia classic

The instruments used in classical cumbia are: male bagpipe , bagpipe female and a maraca .

He never sings because it is instrumental.

Some Colombian Caribbean rhythms of cumbia in bullerengue use this , the joints and saloma .

The instruments used in cumbia vallenato are: accordion and other classical instruments.

The most recognized singers of this genre : Los Corraleros de Majagual, Andrés Landero, Policarpo Calle, Alfredo Gutiérrez o Lisandro Meza.

The cumbia vallenato
The most important festivals are cumbia

• National Festival of the Cumbia " José Barros " is every year in El Banco , Magdalena . It was declared a cultural heritage of the Nation
• National Festival Cumbiamba : it is every year in Cereté , Córdoba
• Sirenato Cumbia : it is every year in Puerto Colombia , Atlántico .
• Festival of Cumbia Colombian Caribbean Autóctona : it is every year in Barranquilla.
• Cumbia Festival Bailadores : it is every year in Barranquilla.
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