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How do I create A* literary art?

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B293 N922

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of How do I create A* literary art?

HOW do I Create
A* Literary Art?

1. We will...identify a range of linguistic and
literary features used in A* creative writing (Slumdog

2. We will...understand the linguistic/literary device
of pathetic fallacy and how we can use it to push
up our grades.

3. We will...apply the above knowledge, to our own
story drafts, to be "flash-assessed" via Twitter, or by reading out your piece (if you're old-skool!)
Your Targets...
Rain or Shine...
Going for the A?
Showing Off What
We've Learned...

So much for the theory, now it's over to you to show all you have learned of the pathetic fallacy to our own art...
Going For the A?
Q. CAN you use http://thesaurus.com/ to search for synonyms with more punchy connotations and be ready to discuss your line with the class...
Recap: So What Have
We Learned?

Q. WHAT are linguistic/literary devices?

Q. WHAT is the pathetic fallacy, and WHY is it valuable to yourself as a literary artist?

Group target: CAN you weave in the pathetic fallacy throughout your next piece of
creative writing, and pass to your teacher?
It All Starts with a Question...
Going for the A?
Q. WHAT is the pathetic fallacy?
Q. CAN you deepen your knowledge by analysing WHAT mood the pathetic fallacy is creating in the clip/pic, and WHICH emotions it creates with respect to Latika... ?
How Are We Doing?
Q. CAN you edit your story, to use pathetic fallacy, to create emotional effects on the reader,and tweet/write down your favourite line...?

E.G. "Dismal rain battered Istanbul's streets"-noun
"rain" deadens the mood+makes my chase scene more

"Latika was life: as radiant as the sun,
even set among the dust and debris
of the Mumbai slum... "
Q. In pairs, can you tweet/write a linguistic device describing Latika, and comment on what it tells us about her?
E.G. "Connotations of noun phrase "Mumbai slums" are exotic+suggest she outshines even her poverty".

"She simply stood there: fragile, trembling,
amidst the monsoon rains". p43

Q. CAN you pick apart the connotations of: "monsoon" and
HOW it intensifies reader emotions towards Latika?
Q. HOW many literary/linguistic devices can
you identify in this stunning writing?
1. CAN you name at least 4 literary/linguistic devices used in great creative writing?

2. WHAT is the pathetic fallacy, and WHY
should we use it in our creative writing?

3. CAN you apply this knowledge to improve
your own drafts and tweet/read out your
best line?
Q. WHAT is this doc?
Q. WHY is this doc important?
Q. HOW is this doc used by me?
Q. WHAT are linguistic/literary features?
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