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Using the law

USA 1945-70 GCSE

Laurie Johnston

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Using the law

All will learn about attempts to obtain civil rights using the constitution (C\CONFIDENT)
Most will learn how to make inferences from sources (B/PROFICIENT)
Some will learn how to support inferences from the text (A/A*COMPETENT)
Using the law
Do now!
On your whiteboards:

What did Rosa Parks refuse to do?
What did the Black Community of Montgomery, Alabama do for 381 days?
What did the Supreme Court Rule in December 1956
We shall read:
We will read in this order: Adewumi, Matilda Adah Anais Krystal Micah Alexander Chantelle Saffron Sydney Elle Ramliz Novella Janet Nasser Louis Halimat Jaheim Michelle Casey Micaiah, Alex
Which sources would you use to show the benefits of working through the courts

Which would you use to show the problems of working with the courts
Lets analyse source E for inference and purpose
What did the Supreme Court rule in the Topeka vs Brown case?
Index it!
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