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Animal Endangered

Kathy Villafañe

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of THE WOLVES

THE WILDLIFE THE WOLF Animals Endangered Currently exist many animals endangered, terrestrial reptiles such as the Boas, and maritime reptiles such as the Sea Turtles; Boa Sea Turtle Birds such as the Macaws and the Bald Eagles; Macaw Bald Aegle Amphibians such as the Toads; Rodents such as the Chinchillas Toad Chinchillas and many mammals, aquatics such as the Spotted Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins aquatics and terrestrial such as the Otters and Bisons, Otter Bison and terrestrials such as the Bengal Tigers, Pandas, Chimpanzees, Brown Hares and the Wolves. Bengal Tiger Chimpanzee Panda Wolf Brown Hare This animals lives in
"the wildlife", that is at risk
due to cut down trees,
to pollution, to hunting,
to fishing, and many more causes,
so the animals also is affect. for Example: The Hunting Wolves are hunted because they have thick hides, which are used for winter coats and other clothing. They used to be hunted for a good reason, which was keeping people warm, but they are now used for fashion wear. =( Other cause is that the humans also hunt deer, elk, moose, So that means that wolves are dying of hunger, plus humans cut down trees and they don't have where live. A special case of species at risk is the
RED WOLF The Red Wolf is part of the animal kingdom of the southern and central United States.

There are three subspecies which were recognized as red wolves, one of which (the Florida Red Wolf) was extinct in the early 1930’s, The Texas Red Wolf and the Mississippi Red Wolf.

They are named Red wolves for their orange red fur, which ranges from bright to rust colored.

The Red Wolf is much smaller and has a more thin body than its cousin the grey wolf. The red wolf is one of the most
endangered animals in the world. In conclusion we must be good friends of the wolves, care of them, and we mustn't hunt and no cut down trees. Thank you! ^_^
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