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The Five People You Meet in Heaven/ Heroic Cycle

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Rachael Shepherd

on 20 October 2017

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Transcript of The Five People You Meet in Heaven/ Heroic Cycle

The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Eddie is crushed by
the ride & dies.
Heaven can't be Ruby Pier
Had a nothing life
Wants to go back
The 5 people
Marguerite went through it
and says it helped.
body decays
unanswered questions
faces bitterness
feels his emotions
Learns his life had purpose
Sees all the people he affected
At peace with himself
Understands the WHY of his life
Ruby Pier with Marguerite
on ferris wheel & dance floor
Why she lived/he died
Lives connect
Eddie's story is set in two basic places...
What does Eddie learn during his journey through heaven?
Five lessons, right?
And through those five lessons, Eddie learns and changes.
Let's take a closer look at the
journey that changed Eddie.
All lives connect/no random acts.
Sacrifice is part of life.
Holding anger harms you...Forgive
Love never dies.
Every life has a purpose.
10. What message will Eddie share with the little girl?
9. Where does Eddie wait for the little girl?
8. How has Eddie changed by the end of the journey?
7. What moment allows Eddie to finally "get it" and feel peace?
4. At what moment did Eddie truly accept his journey?
1. What moment begins Eddie's journey?
2. What argument does Eddie have about being
where he is & going through the visits?
3. Who assists Eddie in his journey?
5. What difficulties does Eddie encounter during his journey?
6. Who motivates Eddie and encourages him to learn this lesson?
This chart you created is a cycle...The Heroic Cycle...
It can be applied to any short story, book, or movie ever written.
It can even be applied to the story of your life.
Every story...one pattern, one story.

Next two are out
of order! (on purpose!)
Heroic Cycle
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