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Reasons Why I should get a Macbook!!!

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Monika Sikorska

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Reasons Why I should get a Macbook!!!

Reason 8 Acer Aspire Macbooks Toshiba Portege Dell Latitude Lenovo IdeaPad The iMovie 0 + - = 9 8 7 3 4 5 6 c Reason 2 My computer takes aaagggess to turn on and when it finally does, you have to wait 10 minutes for the anti virus to load...What a waste of time... Rough graph of the growth of MacBook buyers a Little Intro..... This presentation is all about why I should get a MacBook Air/Pro. There are 10 good reasons for why I should get it and at the end 5 are separated as the main, most important points. I hope you
will like them. Including my presentation of coarse....... Reason 4 Another advantage of the MacBook iMovie is that if you want to save the iPad iMovie you just download it to the MacBook one and save it on the computer. Reason 4 continued... The MacBook has a newer and more advanced iMovie. On this newer iMovie you can do loads more editing and clipping than on the iPad, but you can also download the videos and iMovies from the iPad and edit them on the MacBook. Not only that you can also crop and edit the videos from the video camera. then you can watch the iMovies on the Apple TV. MacBooks are extremely light (especially MacBook Air) compared to other Laptops. This means they are very light to carry around if I wanted to take it on a trip or to school for a project the MacBook Air would approximately weigh as much as a heavier math text book. Reason 7 MacBook has a great application called Face Time. It is similar to Skype except that its much faster and better quality. It works throughout the apple devices so you can easily contact anyone with either a iPhone,iPad,iPod,i Mac or a MacBook. It is a great way to contact anyone who for example lives far away(like Dora) or who is currently on a business trip (like Daddy). By using Face Time on a MacBook I could keep in touch with all my friends (except Zosia of coarse) and even see them... Reason 1 The first reason for why I should get a MacBook is that my old computer's internet is very slowwww and whenever I'm searching for some information on Google for homework it just freezes and I have to restart it alll over again. The New MacBook has a fast internet plus 4x faster memory system than any other laptop. Reasons Why I should get a MacBook!!! Reason 6 Reason 3 My computer doesn't even have basic applications like WORD DOC or PowerPoint. The MacBook has not only those but also lots of built in applications such as iPhoto, iMovie, Safari, Face Time, Mac app store,and loads of others.. The MacBook is a laptop so it dosn't need any cables except a charger. To get connection to the internet it only needs either WIFI or 3G or any internet connection. This is quite an advantage because then I can do my Homework anywhere, I can take it to school if I would need it for a project or some club( eg. movie making club), it the car, on the airplane or I could just do it downstairs in the kitchen. Reason 5 I searched on the internet and most of the people prefer buying MacBooks because they are more reliable and very rarely catch a virus. they're have longer "lives"(and happy I suppose especially if they had a life with someone like me.. ;)) Growth of MacBook buyers years estimated Number of buyers By: Monika Sikorska LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!!!! average of all 1.5kg 2kg 2.5kg 2.7kg 2.8kg MacBook Air Reason 9 MacBooks are fast and they can last up to more than seven hours without any charging. This means I can work on it anywhere and any time. This is much more practical than having to have a computer that has to be permanently stuck in one place connected to internet and still work badly. 1 2 " The MacBook has the World's most advanced operating system" Reason 10 Obviously I would be more than willing to share the MacBook with my beloved, sweet and perfect parents whenever they needed. Either to my fantastic mom to work on it in the kitchen or to my marvelous dad if he wanted to look something up on the internet. Or just for the whole family to show the Awesome iMovies that I created. 1) The MacBook doesn't need any cables. It only needs a charger and a wireless internet connection and it will last for more than seven hours non-stop. 2) The MacBook has a fantastic, newer, updated version of the i Movie. I could download i Movies, photos, videos, from the iPad,iPhone or even video camera onto the MacBook i Movie and edit them there to make them better. Then I could even save them on the computer or USB.Also I could change the i Movie formats and we could watch them on Apple TV. 3) The MacBooks are much lighter than the other laptops and seeing I dont need any cables I could carry the MacBook in my backpack take it either to school or on trips to search information or to do homework and projects that were set on the summer,spring or Christmas break. 4) MacBooks, like all the other apple devices has Face Time. This enables all of the users of either iPad, iPhone, iPod,i Mac or MacBook to contact eachother. Face Time is a bit like Skype, you can see the person you're talking to and send them messages, except that Face Time has better picture quality and sound. Face Time is great if you have best friends in Poland and you move to I don't know the USA or a dad who travels a lot because then you can easily contact tem. 5) MacBooks are the best laptops made. I searched on the internet and lots of people prefer buying MacBooks instead of other laptops because theyhave longer "lives", are more reliable so you don't just loose data,and rarely get viruses. Seeing my computer takes a very long time to turn on, you have to wait for the anti virus every time and it sometimes just freezes and you have to restart it again, the MacBook would be the ideal opposite and perfect match for me. The MacBook Air... Thank you for you attention!!! Can I please please please please get a MacBook???
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