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Aretha Franklin

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Aretha Franklin

She had struggles in her career to find a voice and to find talent in her music. Another struggle she had was when her parents separated she was just six. But it got worse for her because four years later her mom had a heart attack so it was even harder on her. So this makes me think shes very strong. Also in 1979 her father was hospitalized after a burglary attempt in his home and was put in a coma. And finally in 1984 her father had died. Her musical gifts became apparent at an early age. By the age of fourteen she recorded some of her earliest tracks. Also at the age of fifteen she became a mother. I think it might of made it hard for her to concentrate on her music but I think she is hard working to be able to do both. She was born March 25, 1942 in Memphis Tennessee. To baptist Preacher Reverend Clarence La Vaughan franklin and Barbra Siggers Franklin A gospel singer. Also after her mother had the heart attack her family had to be relocated to Detroit, Michigan. She has won eighteen grammy's and continues to perform. She signed to Columbia records and she released the great Aretha Franklin for the label the same year. In 1961 her single rock a by your baby with a dixie melody hit number thirty seven on the pop charts. She Also had some top ten singles on the R&B charts too. In 1968 she performed at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s funeral. Also her 1972 album amazing grace sold over two million units. In 1985 she released another smash hit album called "who's zoomin Who". This record became her biggest selling album she ever made. In 1987 she was the first woman to ever get the highest honor of getting into the rock and roll hall of fame. In 1993 she was invited to sing at the inauguration of Bill Clinton. To be able to make comeback like this she must be really determined. By: Halie Brandenburg What were some of her accomplishments? Facts about her life what were the struggles she had? Her Comeback The Life of Aretha Franklin
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