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Four Skinny Trees

No description

Xzavior Priester

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Four Skinny Trees

Four Skinny Trees Summary Grammatical Choices and Diction Theme Personal Connections Literary Devices The vignette "Four Skinny Trees" was written by Sandra Cisneros, in the book The House on Mango Street.
Esperenza has just moved to the house on Mango Street.
She looks to the four trees for inspiration. In this vignette, Cisneros uses some words repeatedly, and the vignette itself sounds like a poem. There were also no contractions, and very short choppy sentences. Personification - Cisneros describes the trees like they are desperate children.
Imagery - She also states that the trees have pointy elbows and skinny necks like her. Imagine that!
Symbolism - The trees symbolize inspiration .
Parallelism- She uses the word keep repeatedly. The trees in this vignette symbolize her inspiration, and this conveys the theme that not all inspiration comes from people that you idolize, it can come from inanimate objects you can relate to. By: Xzavior Priester, Coleman Coffee, Dustin Casey Background Esperenza has just moved and has no friends. So she finds four trees next to her new home. She finds peace when she is with the trees. She goes to them when she is in times of need, and they give her inspiration. Coleman- When I moved to Chattanooga, it was really hard for me, and there were many things that I looked to for inspiration.
Xzavior- I have looked to inanimate objects for help during times of struggle.
Dustin- I look to the future for motivation to keep myself going to reach my goal. She also looks to the trees as her friends, and as things that she can relate to because they are so alike.
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