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Philadelphia Phillies

No description

Patrick Mark

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Philadelphia Phillies

Founded in 1883
They are the oldest
one-name one-city
franchise in all of
American sports
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Phillies Early History
5 P's of Marketing
- Product
- Place
- Promotion
- Price
Not just a game, it's an EXPERIENCE!!!
Add High Density WiFi to stadium
- App would allow for instant score updates, show who's on base with players picture and stats, as well as display which players are on the field and their position.
Allow "ALL" fans to enjoy the games!!!
Smart Phone
Not Just Home Market
Create an interactive app
Unless these games broadcast on National TV or unless you are in the "HOME MARKET" and subscribe to Comcast, not everyone can watch these games.

Blacked OUT!
- Phillies Average Ticket $37.42
Ticket Prices
by comparison...
- $23.89 (3 WS Championships)
- Red Sox $53.38
(7 WS)
- $31.57 (11 WS)
- $16.64 (4 WS)
- Yankees $51.55
(27 WS)
Phillies website is higher priced than it's competition...
Adult Male Replica Jersey
Adult Female Replica Jersey
Childs Replia Jersey
Authentic Jersey
.............................. $250
* Jersey's, Caps, Jackets, T-shirts, Toys, and other items are all being sold cheaper than Phillies website.
Be a Phanatic!!!
The Competition
The Philadelphia Phillies are in the East National League Division of MLB baseball along with four other teams that are well-known rivals to each other.

Top on Forbes list in their division (5th over all)
Oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional American sports.
Atlanta Braves
Washington Nationals
NY Mets
Miami Marlins
In 2011, they dominated the industry with 10% of households watching the regular season games and it raised to 21.6% during play off season.
Attendance has been at its high in the past 2 years
Atlanta Braves
-Strong Offense
-Most talented outfielders: B.J. and Justin Upton
-High Involvement in Social Networking:
-Social Media Clubhouse: Tag yourself at Turner Field
-Atlanta Braves Foundation
-Braves Give “Pitching in Together”

They have the second highest rated mascot on Forbes
Philadelphia Phillies
-One of the oldest continuous, one name, one city franchise in all of American sports [1883]
-Weak Offense; One of the least successful of the original Major League Baseball franchises
-Majority of players are aging stars, 30+ yrs:
-Raises major health questions
-Play in a tough division
-Strong fan loyalty, one of the highest
- PhilliesFitness program
-Baseball Tomorrow Fund, Phillies Charities [Education, Family, community]
-High local TV ratings

It's all about
the Fans!!!
Failed to comply with the debt-service rule in 2011
Fans Rock!!!
Atlanta Braves
They have only won 2 world series and 7 National League pennants ever
The Philadelphia Phillies
Washington Nationals
-One of the most-balanced teams
-High Involvement in social networking and mobile apps for fans to connect:
-NatMobile, NatKids, Connect with the Nats
-Washington Nationals Dream
-Requests only
-Military Programs

Washington Nationals
To have such a bad track record, their ticket and apparel prices are too high
Negotiating local television deal with CSN Philadelphia that could be worth 10 times as much as their present deal with network
Making more games available on free, over-the-air television to reach out to the African American community
Potential revenue with Fox network instead of Comcast
Investors find Phillies to be huge liability
Maintain exposure in social media
produces direct connections between players, franchises, and fans.
Team Household Rating
Philadelphia Phillies 9.7
St. Louis Cardinals 8.9
Milwaukee Brewers 7.9
Boston Red Sox 7.9
Cincinnati Reds 7.2
Detroit Tigers 6.4
Minnesota Twins 6
Cleveland Indians 6
Pittsburgh Pirates 4.8
New York Yankees 4.3
Source: Nielsen
The Household Rating represents the percentage of all
TV homes in that local market that tuned in to the games.

Strong Fan Base
The opportunity cost of going to a different Philadelphia sporting event
The Yankees have their own YES TV channel
In 2013 the following clubs surpassed the 3 million mark (attendance) in a season:
1. NY Yankees- 15 straight
2. St. Louis Cardinal- 10 straight
3. Los Angeles Angels- 10 straight
4. Philadelphia Phillies- 7 straight
5. San Francisco Giants- 4 straight
6. Detroit Tigers -2 straight
7. Los Angeles Dodgers- 2 straight
8. Texas Rangers- 2 straight

Longest consecutive sell-out streak in the majors since Oct. 1, 2010:
-San Francisco Giants
The 1st franchise in club history to hit the 3 million mark in attendance in back-to-back seasons:

-Texas Rangers

New record for the highest attendance at The Great American Ballpark:

-Cincinnati Reds [2,492,059]

Target Market
Promote new stadium and its features through an intense local internet marketing program
Philadelphia locals
College crowd
Account for 18% of ticket sales

Expanded fan base among women, Asian-Americans, and the region's Latino community
Continue to innovate their use of Fan Days
Expand on their use of social media
Advertise outside Home Market
Worcester Ruby Legs.
Al Reach, who in 1866 had become the first professional baseball player, became the Phillies first owner along with attorney John Rogers.
After being founded in 1883 as the "Quakers", the team changed its name to the "Philadelphias", after the convention of the times. This was soon shortened to "Phillies"
1915 World Series
Thirty-three years after their first National League season, the Phillies finally reached the World Series.
lost 4-1 to the Red Soxs
Phillies struggle
From 1918 to 1948 one winning season.
Chuck Klein won the Most Valuable Player Award in 1932 and the National League Triple Crown in 1933

During the 50's a lineup of young players developed by the Phillies' farm system called the "Whiz Kids" that included Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts.
in 1961, the Phillies lost 23 games in a row (a record since 1900).
Won the 1980 World series, which made the Phillies the last of the 16 teams that made up the major leagues from 1901 to 1961 to win a World Series.
Recent History
Their season record would not dip below .500 again from the 2003 season onward.
Lost 1993 World Series
Went to back to back World Series in 2008 and 2009. Won in 2008
Stadium History
Recreation Park (1883-1886)
Baker Bowl (1887-1938)
Connie Mack Stadium (1938-1970)
Veterans Stadium (1971-2003)
Citizens Bank Park (2004-present)
Notable Owners
Alfred Reach (1883-1902)
William Baker (1913-1930)
William Cox (1943)
Robert Ruliph Morgan Carpenter, Jr. (1943-1972)
David Montgomery (1997-present) Montgomery, along with co-owner Bill Giles, purchased the team in 1981 for $30,000,000 ($77,000,000 today)
Financial Goals
Sign new T.V. contract
Increase brand worth
Non-financial Goals
Win NL league East Pennant
Win World Series
Beat the Mets
Sell more merchandise than the Yankees
Other teams are able to write the big checks
New York Mets and Washington Nationals decrease sales
Braves and Nationals are more involved in social networking.
The Organization does an outstanding job of creating a one of a kind atmosphere; the experience is second to none.
Nationally promote the "Phanatic" to children
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