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Nationaal Fietscongress NL Keynote

No description

Tim Jones

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Nationaal Fietscongress NL Keynote

Dr Tim Jones
Faculty of Technology Design & the Environment

Cyclists’ identities and practices have been shaped by acclimatization to current hostile cycling conditions to the extent that they sometimes struggle to understand why more people don’t cycle. And in so doing, they inadvertently perpetuate their identity as part of a ‘velomobile elite’.
To develop a better understanding of how the design of the built environment and technology shapes older peoples engagement with, and experience of cycling, and how this affects their independent mobility, health and wellbeing.
Independence & control = wellbeing
Jan Gehl
...on cycling in London
Bicycle use as
per cent of all journeys
made by people age 65 and over.

UK = 1
DE = 9
DK = 15
NE = 23
Mobile Observation
Video elicitation
Cycling in an ageing society: a critical mobilities perspective
Cycling research is...


becoming multidisciplinary!
'Velomobile Elite'
Active ageing
"Process of optimizing opportunities for health participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age."
WHO 2002

'Critical mobilities' approach to research (Jensen, 2013)

Older people must constitute part of the cycling landscape when imaging future mobility -
important indicator species of any just velomobile society.

cycle BOOM will:

develop a series of recommendations for various institutions to improve opportunities for older cycling;

formulate an urban design vocabulary for cycling and tool to assist designers attend to the experiential, rather than just the instrumental, components of cycling*
(*cf. Ann Forsyth & Kevin Krizek (2011) Urban Design: Is there a. Distinctive View from the Bicycle?,
Journal of Urban Design
, 16:4)
Electric Bike Trial


8 week loan period

Min 3 x 30 mins use per week

Measure cognitive function and wellbeing at beginning and end

Pedal and control group

Diary of Cycling Experience (DoCE) & GPS

Focus groups
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