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IB Plan: Ireland

No description

Ellen Wendell

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of IB Plan: Ireland

By: Ellen Wendell IB Plan: Ireland A Brief History of Ireland Transportation Ireland is a small country in Western Europe. The First inhabitants were said to be between 6000 and 7000 AD. Ireland is a country that has seen a great deal of turmoil and invasions. For a good part of the Middle Ages, Ireland was ruled by the United Kingdom. At this point Ireland was not fully ruled by the British Crown, a great victory over Ulster allowed Britain to gain control over the whole country. A man by the name of Michael Collins lead the Independence War to free Ireland from Britain. In 1920-1921 the Irish Free State was created. This excludes 6 counties: Ireland's natural resources include, natural gases, peat, copper, lead, zinc, silver, barite, gypsum, limestone, and dolomite. Double Taxation Treaty (2005)
Social Security Agreement (1992)
Film and Video Relations Agreement (1989)
All of these agreements help with cooperation and importing and exporting goods to and from the two countries
Blue sky Air Agreement (2007)
Allow Canadian and Irish air carriers to deliver and provide service in any city in either country
The Working Holiday Program Agreement (2003)
Supposed to strengthen ties between Irish and Canadian youth by giving them an opportunity to work or vacation in the other country Agreements Signed Between Ireland & Canada Ferries Counties of Ireland Ireland Natural Resources New job opportunities Ireland was known as the "Celtic Tiger" when its economy was growing quickly.
Main industry used to be agriculture
New industries came in the 1950's and changed the GDP significantly
They were introduced to mining, manufacturing, and construction
New jobs make up 37% of GDP
Now only 12% GDP is agriculture A Brief Trading History Back in the day main exports were, barley, potatoes, wheat, beef and dairy products
Known for exporting machines and equipment, chemicals, medical devices, food products, and animal products
Imports include, data processing equipment, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, and textiles and clothing
They receive most of their imports from U.K., U.S., Germany and The Netherlands
Canada exports about $371,06 million worth of goods to Ireland every year
Ireland spends $24, 473 million in Canadian Direct Investment Geography & Weather Ireland is a very small country with a population of 4, 722, 028 people The Capital city is Dublin, which is located in the south of Ireland on the East Coast Cool summers and warm winters. The maritimes are temperate due to the North Atlantic Current It rains about 150 days on the East and South-East coasts and 225 days in parts of the West coast Currency & Government Ireland uses the Euro No longer under rule of a monarch Government type is Parliamentary democracy Has both a Prime Minister (Enda Kenny as of March 9, 2011) and a Head of State (Michael D. Higgins as of October 29, 2011) Enda Kenny Michael D. Higgins Post-Secondary Education Trinity College Dublin First University Built in Ireland
15, 500 students, 2,300 of them are from 90 different countries
Located in the heart of Dublin City
Includes state-of-the-art libraries, laboratories, and historic buildings with historic artifacts (The Book of Kells, and the oldest harp in Ireland)
provides orientation day for international students (answer all questions, give tours, help you continually adapt to life in Ireland)
Programs cost from $927-$37, 562 for international students Trinity College Dublin The Book of Kells Oldest Harp National University of Ireland, Galway 5 different colleges for different faculties
International students make up 12% of student population
Links to Harvard, Georgia Tech., and University of Cambridge
Have exchange programs to Universities in Canada (University of Ottawa)
Located near everything you need (shopping, eating, and entertainment)
International student, depending on the program, would pay $16, 514-$17, 809 per year National University of Ireland, Galway Logo Crest "With God's Favour" Logo National University Of Ireland, Galway NUI Crest "With God's Favor" University of Ulster Has 4 campuses (Belfast, Coleraine, Jordanstown, and Magee
Each campus offer different sense of character and facilities
Wide variety of clubs and activities to help you adapt
All campuses have living quarters and accommodations for national and international students
International students pay $12, 304 for an undergraduate program Ferry map Air Plane Direct Flight Options Indirect Flight Options then or Cruises to the United Kingdom Accommodations Dublin City Egan's Guesthouse Heart of Dublin City 404 Euros a night Metro Hotel Dublin Airport Close to the airport, 564 Euros a night Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel Dublin A fancier place for 688 Euros a night Biggest airports in Ireland Banking Systems Schedule One Banks The Central Bank of Ireland
operates in Ireland under the government charter
Highly regulated Schedule Two banks ABI
Runs in Ireland, U.K., U.S., and Asia
Anglo Irish Bank
Runs in Ireland and the United kingdom Schedule Three Banks Bank of Montreal
Bank of Scotland
Citco Bank of Nederlands University of Ulster Logo Crest of Magee campus Joint Ventures In 2007, Ireland opened it 50th Tim Horton's venue
Chain managing Tim Horton's is Cuisine de France. Provides lifestyle foods in market places all over the Ireland
Under licensing by Tim Horton's
Working to bring more Canadian foods venues to Ireland Started in 2005
Opportunity to bring new foods and beverages
Bring new partnership to an already growing relationship Relationships with International Organizations Has very strong relationship with many international organizations (WTO, WEF, and OECD) International Monetary Fund Helping boost the economy
Helped with the bailout
Helps economy to continue growing Meetings Use Mrs. or Mr.
Keep eye contact
Shake hands at beginning and end of meeting General Do's "How are you?" is the preferred greeting
Eat everything that is offered to you especially in someone's home
Wear layers and bring an umbrella Do's Dont's Meetings Exchange business cards
Use sarcasm General Dont's Worry openly about your liver
Ask if they've seen a leprechaun
Be offended if they start making fun of you Ireland is rich in natural resources which makes it a valuable trading partner Potato famine and Canadian Roots Ireland had a potato famine that killed about 1 million people
Irish immigrated to Canada
Brought traditions and language along with song and dance Irish Customs Song and Dance
Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day
Delicacies (Guinness, Irish Stew, Irish Coffee, and Corned beef and cabbage)
St. Stephen's Day (The Wren Boy Procession) Standards and Regulations Northern Ireland- Protection of customers and potentials Regulations: Anti-Money laundering, accounts, customer communication and EU/Cross border Social worker comes to inspect day care every 6 months Marketing Direct and Postal Marketing Customer refuses an offer, personal info cannot be used
If product is bought then personal info is stored in a special place Electronic Marketing If customer doesn't want to be contacted then you can't contact them at all Infrastructure Challenges tighten public finances
providing more for less
sharpen focus of the investment to support economy recovery and growth Northern Ireland Working on Investment Strategy National Recruitment Federation Founded in 1971
All companies follow rules and regulations
Provides good communication and advice sharing and problem solving workshops Economic Risk: Moderate Bailout in 2008 $113 Billion Political Risk: Low People voted for Enda Kenny (best option for political stability) Created new strategy to make Ireland's business economy more desirable Corruption Ranked 25th in the world with an overall score of 69 Business Ethics Safety
Every worker has rights
Education about equipment
Resource management Environment Office of Environmental Enforcement- combine good environmental practices with everyday work methods
Prevent pollution
Workplace uses right environmental resources
Environmental law is enforced All businesses follow the Code of Practice which is a book of rules for the workplace Thank You!
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