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ucr assignment 2

No description

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of ucr assignment 2

Eight Treasures
Late shop house 1920s
Late shop house 1920s
URA Architectural heritage award
Category b
Developer: Regality Holdings Pte Ltd
Architect: HYLA
Main contractor: The Mandy’s Pte Ltd
Restoration Technical Guidelines
3R Principles
Front facades
Top down approach
Jack roofs
Air well

- http://www.ura.gov.sg/uol/publications/technical/conservation-publications/cgts.aspx
- http://www.thelor24ashophouseseries.com/19.htm
- http://www.thehomelook.com/resources/tools/tool-ura-guidelines.pdf
- http://www.ura.gov.sg/uol/publications/corporate/aha/2013/Lorong-24A-Shophouse-Series.aspx
- http://www.hyla.com.sg/aha2011/
- http://www.ura.gov.sg/circulars/text/dchbnr/gudg-dchbnr.pdf
- http://www.calebkoo.com/14881065
Things not allowed
Pollutive & Incompatible trades
key Elements
1. Roof height required to remain the same
2. Skylight (secondary pitched roof added)
< 30 % Subject slope of the pitched roof
4. Transparent/ translucent material (cover)
5. Not allowed to have void w/o cover
6. Temporary protection & stabilization to repair roof
7. Retained of existing roof tiles
8. Replace of damaged roof tiles
9. Maintenance of roof tiles
10. Allow natural light to enter the house
(like Air well)
Jack roof
Timber floor
Tilted spiral
Timber floor used
Original Window
French Design Window
Party wall retained
Five foot way

Ornamented corbels
-Granite Slab
-Highly polished are not allowed (slippery)
- Bases thicker
- At least 300mm Prevent spread of fire.
- Require matching color, materials and texture
- Regular maintenance to prevent deteriorating & leakage
- Before restoration work began, ensure structure are stable
E.g. Underpinning & strengthening of ground

Ornamental plaster works
-Inspection for plasterwork to determine the deterioration condition.
E.g. check for hollow

- Retained & restore unless unable to repair
- Inspections prevent water entering & causing timber decay
- Repainting and removal of paint not allowed
- Regularly maintained
E.g Rust removal, applying protective & termite resisting coating
- Rich detailing restored
E.g. Stained glass windows & glazed porcelain tiles
- Bring out historic essence of shop house

Timber structure
- Meet modern needs
- Historic ambiance
- Inspection carry out to prevent termite infection
-Stained glass panel
Quality restorations (7 steps):

1. Maintain – Characteristics of building
2. Prevent – Further deterioration
3. Consolidate – Fabric of building
4. Restore – Original design
5. Rehabilitate – Building without compromising its character
6. Replace – Missing features
7. Rebuild – Damaged parts

Original plan

- Five foot way
- Rear court
- Yard
- Dining room
- Living room
- 2 bedroom
- 2 bath room
- Main pitched roof
- Secondary pitched roof

New plan

- Glass skylight
- Tilted Spiral staircase
- New mezzanine floor on third bedroom
- New 2 storey extension
- 4 bedroom
- 3 bathroom
- 3 sliding door in living room
- Water feature

Open Kitchen
Air wells
Water feature
Rear court
Timber door retained
- not allowed to have void w/o cover
- Cover to be transparent/ translucent material

naturally ventilated
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