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British, Austrian and American School System

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Fabian Gaugusch

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of British, Austrian and American School System

School Systems British Schoolsystem Primary School Children at the age of four to eleven. First part of the British School System. It lasts six years. Austrian School System Elementary school It lasts 4 years The Infant & Junior School Infant School After Infant School
From seven to twelve Years Both of them are contained in the Primary School Kindergarten From four to seven Junior School It is not compulsory It lasts 3 years In the Kindergarten, you learn to draw and tinker The Secondary education It lasts 4 years Volksschule From 11 to 18 There is only one teacher for all subjects More freetime because of longer pauses Different Sorts in England and Wales You can go to a preschool before it There are no exams until the 4th year It contains the third and fourth Key Stage Hauptschule It is the lowest level of schools in Austria Many immigrants visit it to learn german because it is very easy They don't exist anymore Their name is now: Neue Mittelschule Six hours per day They often have a library in the class High school Ends with the high school diploma Student are from 14 to 17 Higher Education You can go to a college or study at a university A part after the higher school where you can visit the school even longer In german it is "Polytechnikum"
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