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Engagement Strategy

No description

Lisa Jeffries

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Engagement Strategy

Lisa Jeffries
Raleigh, NC
born and raised
NCSU alum
Business Management
Textile Management
Professional history
The Little Black Book for Every Busy Woman
Raleighwood Media Group + Raleighwood Event Group
Bar Management Group
Jeffries & Sons
Nice to meet you!
WRAL on Facebook
It takes an army
WRAL.com editors, marketing, design
WRAL-TV creative services promotions, producers, news
WRAL Marketing:
Results not typical.
To win something
Because they're a competitor
To gain access to content not shared elsewhere... or wi-fi
Someone shared it/recommended it to them
Followed a link on your website/email/social
Saw an in-person/point of sale call to action
To win something
Because you asked them to!
Why people follow certain pages
Engagement Strategy
...and an audience
119MM page views/month average
4MM unique visitors/month average
Raleigh/Durham is the 24th largest DMA in the nation
23 counties
7 counties in the metro area
2.8MM residents, 1.1MM TV households
#1 large market CBS affiliate
WRAL is #1 in total viewers DMA wide, Monday-Sunday, sign on-sign off
WRAL Marketing:
Results not typical.
Lisa Jeffries - Marketing Manager, WRAL.com
Tweets about WRAL.com: @LisaAtWRAL
All other tweets: @NCSULilWolf
What's your personal favorite social network?
Ryan Kettler, ConvinceandConvert.com
"Appeal to many, but speak to one – your buyer persona."
Become a better copywriter
Practice makes perfect (participate on social media every day, blog once a week/month)
Listen often (broadcast teases, commercials)
Read often (newspaper headlines, magazine covers, WRAL.com story titles)
Have an opinion
But be willing to consider the position of others
Be a real human
Watch, repost, and repeat
How to talk with your audience on platforms
How conversation is evolving
Think things are changing?
Look at this Nielsen report from just four years ago
What technologies are you using right now that you haven't thought about leveraging?
How about your email signature?
Don't rely on your staff to make the ask...
How is your email list looking?
Are you running TV ads, online ads, radio ads, print advertising, or out of home campaigns?
Are you promoting a reason to visit you on social media in those mediums?
Back to the basics: how to build an audience
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