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Simple and Complex Sentences

No description

amanda heins

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Simple and Complex Sentences

Simple and Complex Sentences
Complex Sentences
One Independent Clause

One Dependent Clause

WILL have subordinating conjunction with clauses
Where is the simple sentence and is there anything added to it?
John tried hard to finish his sundae, though it seemed an impossible task.
Katherine knew she needed to buy more notebooks.
I will pay you back as soon as I get the money.
His folders are completely falling apart.
Simple Sentences
One Independent Clause

No Dependent Clause

In other words, no clauses with that, which, although, as, because, before, even, if, once, since, though, until, when, etc.
Simple or Complex?
Even though he had a ten-page paper to write, Jacob went to the movies with friends.
Justin showed his friends the new phone he had bought.
Before he was a famous writer, John Steinbeck was a maintenance man.
Julie will work in her father’s law firm after she graduates this year.
Soda is not good for you if you drink it in large quantities.
Elena met her friends for dinner and ice skating.
My mother, who really doesn't like driving, always parks very far away from the door.
We heard that you were going to be there.
Even if it snows, we are still going to the football game.
On his birthday, they went to see a play.
Joe and Tyler missed their train because they were late.
My favorite part of the movie is when they jumped off of the moving train.
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