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research on owls


on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of owls

By: Anna and Haley Types of Owls snowy owl males are generally whiter then females
Their favorite target is LEMMINGS, (they are mouse like rodents) also they like rabbits and other birds and fish.
They fly low to the ground to catch their prey. Spotted Owl This owl is found in dense forests, wooded canyons. Spotted Owl's diet consists of small mammals like flying squirrels, wood rats, mice, voles and also some birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Elf Owl They are the smallest owl in the USA. Great Horned Owl Barn Owl Great Gray Owl Screech Owl Boo Book Owl Hawk Owl Fish Owl Barred Owl Eagle Owl The Elf Owl can be found making its home in a variety of habitats. Among them are mountain ranges, canyons, and ravines. Some areas where they live include Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.
The most common owl in North and South America, the great horned owl has adapted to a wide variety of habitats and climates Barn Owls will also hunt birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. Barn Owls hunt from a perch and swoop down onto their prey, or fly within 10 feet of the ground and dive onto their prey with their talons extended. These owls don't just pounce, they plunge. With ice-pick talons tucked under their chins, great grays hurtle headfirst into deep snow to snatch voles—diving with such power that they can shatter snow crust thick enough to hold a 180-pound person. Winged lords of northern forests, the big raptors fly noiselessly, hunt in light and dark, and can hear a field mouse stir under the snow. In eastern wooded suburbs, this small, owl is often the most common avian predator, emerging from its nest or roost hole at dusk to hawk insects or hunt other small prey, including songbirds and rodents. Its whinnying and trilling songs are familiar, but its vocalizations also include rasps, barks, hoots, chuckles, and screeches. we just want to say thanks
to...and this goes for images
national geographic
peregrinefund.org These are the smallest and most common owls in Australia, Like their other owl relatives, they feed on small mammals (such as mice), small birds, frogs and lizards, but they also like to eat a large amount of insects. Male Northern Hawk-Owls are normally 36.0–42.5 cm long and weigh 300 g. Females are a little bigger with a length of 37.2–44.7 cm and a mass of about 340g. Fish Owls are the largest species of owls. Weight and wingspan are added up, it is the largest species of owl over the Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo.) The adult is 40–63 cm (16–25 in) long with a 96–125 cm (38–49 in) wingspan, weight in this species is 500 to 1050 grams. Breeding habitats are dense woods across Canada, the eastern United States, and south to Mexico; The Eagle Owl is a very large and powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle,its scientific name is (bubo bubo.)Eagle Owls are distributed sparsely through rocky areas Class: Aves
Phylum: Chordata The End
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