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Biofuels Asia CASA 2012

Jack Litster Denis Cote APWG

Jack Litster

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Biofuels Asia CASA 2012

Biofuels in Asia Production, Impacts,
International Incentives,
& Canada's role “Biofuels are an important part of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and creating jobs here at home”
– Barack Obama, 2011 “Biofuels are the means by which governments in the rich world avoid hard choices. (...) The poor will starve so that the rich can drive”
– George Monbiot (The Guardian) 2012 Biofuel Production and Promotion in Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia
– focus on biodiesel from jatropha and oil palm -

East Asia
– production from imported crops; research & innovation -

South Asia
– ethanol, tempered by food security concerns - Biofuels in Asia Industrial scale has too many negative impacts.
Re-think problems, and address demand. Impacts of Biofuel Production on Communities in Asia-Pacific right to land, right to food,
right to sustainable livelihood

water, biodiversity, soil

deforestation, carbon emissions Global governance agendas International incentives for biofuel production
– national blending targets -

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
- Clean Development Mechanism; REDD+

United Nations Environment Programme
- Rio+20 & the green economy - Biofuels and energy policy in Canada Demand
– Bill C33 -

Canadian Biofuel Supply and Innovation
– EcoENERGY for Biofuels;
NextGen Biofuels Fund;
BioFuelNet -

A Canadian Biofuel Strategy?
– The New Energy World Order - “in the 1970s (...) the idea of growing crops to produce fuel for cars was appealing. The modern biofuels industry was launched. This was the beginning of what would become one of the great tragedies of history"
- Lester Brown (Earth Policy Institute)
2012 "The main goals behind the promotion of biofuels are environmental protection, sustainable development, increased energy security and creating jobs and growth"
- ePURE (EU biofuel lobby group)
2012 Draft Recommendations for
Government of Canada 1. No funding for Canadian companies producing biofuels in the Global South
2. No biofuel imported into Canada
3. No blending targets or financial incentives for biofuels in Canada
4. Monitor social and ecological effects of Canadian biofuel policies
5. Undertake a comprehensive review of both REDD+ and the Clean Development Mechanism together with civil society organizations in Asia to better understand the negative consequences
6. Support a legally-binding International Treaty for the Evaluation of New Technologies (ICENT)
7. Support creation of binding social sustainability criteria for biofuel production, covering food security, access to land and water, human rights, and the principle of free, prior and informed consent for all communities affected by land deals
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