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taylor hasse

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Soccer

Soccer Benefits to playing soccer Facts about World Cup You get physical education Over 1 billion fans have watched the World Cup on T.V.
The world cup is held every four years in a different country
Brazil has won 4 World Cups, the most of any other country
A European team has been in every World Cup except two FUN FACTS ABOUT SOCCER Builds endurance Teaches you discipline Non contact sport You earn social skills Soccer is the most popular sport in the world Raul Gonzalez Raul Gonzalez plays forward
He used to play for Madrid. Soccer originated in China around the 2nd/3rd century The United States and Canada are the only countries that call this sport "soccer". Other countries call it football Famous soccer athletes 11 total players on one soccer team Pele Pele won 3 world cups when he was 17 He was the third best player in the world in 2002 Badminton Quidminton What is Quidminton? Badminton Facts Quidminton is a sport made to build agility and balance. It is a combination of Quidditch (a game from Harry Potter) and Badminton. The object of the game is to get the shuttlecock in to one of the three hoops to earn a certain number of points. The official game of badminton was invented in England. It was introduced into the United States in the 1890's. Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world. It became an Olympic sport in 1992. Benefits of Playing Badminton Badminton can help decrease depression, anxiety, and stress
You get exercise
You develop good hand-eye coordination Rules of Quidminton Quidminton is set up with a net in the middle of a field. There are 2 teams each consisting of 2 players. The 2 teams get on opposite sides of the net. The teams take turns trying to hit a shuttlecock into one of their opponents' hoops. There are three hoops on each side. Each hole is marked with a a different number(5, 10, 15). Depending on the hole you will receive a certain number of points Why should you play our game? The team with the most combined number of points wins! How Does Quidminton Compare to Soccer? The players on each team can defend their hoops by blocking their opponents' shots with their rackets. David Freeman Quidminton is for people who prefer racket sports to running around on a field. Both games require you to score in a goal and to work in a team. He won the Thomas World Cup and was undefeated in his career. David Freeman was a famous badminton player. There are many benefits to playing quidminton. When you play you get a lot of exercise because you are running around the court or field. You also learn to work together because you have to work with you team to win. You also good develop hand eye coordination and upper body movement. How does Quidminton compare to Badminton? Quidminton and Badminton both use a shuttlecock and racket
They can both be a team sport and a one-on-one sport
You get about the same amount of exercise
The way you score points is different Soccer
vs Quidminton
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