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Flawless Consulting

No description

Nikole McMyler

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Flawless Consulting

Flawless Consulting
Emotions and the Personal
Emotional Intelligence
Relationship Building
Balancing Competence with Consciousness
In the Land of Fools
Nobody's Fool
Up Front and Personal
Women's Leadership Collaborative
Sneaking the Spirit In
PG. 201 “I would describe my consulting style as feminine, because for me consulting is all about relationships”
PG. 202 “I think you either hire a consultant to do the thinking for you or you hire a consultant to facilitate important conservations.”
PG. 202 “I tell clients that I chose to work with them not because I need the work but because I think we can do good work together and because I can be in a productive relationship with them.”
PG. 203 “I have wonder whether the reason I get away with being so direct is because I’m a woman.”
PG.199 “He will kill us next, unless we get rid of him.”
PG.199 “...gain their confidence…teach them, little by little…enable them to lose their fears...”

Seeing what isn't said
Not getting wrapped up in "What I want"
Be aware of unconscious tendencies and judgements
What was required from me was a willingness to slow down...and let go of my expectations...I thought I was there to bring my expertise and "sell" a piece of work...What I was there for...was to be a catalyst for a conversation that...most likely would not have happened otherwise.
Listen for what is not yet ready to be said, so that we can begin to create the container in which people are supported in speaking their truth and being heard with compassion.
Nikole McMyler
John Haldy

PG. 230 “Clients don’t want to hire a firm. They want the individual”
PG. 232 “Creating such deep relationships can make you feel lonely when you leave a job”
PG. 234 “Diagnostic skills are important, but partnering is better. Partnering to me is deepening the relationship to anticipate client needs.”
PG 192. “But we must be careful not to be seduced by the organizational madness. In our zeal to fit in and be accepted, it is too easy to take on their symptoms.”
I believe that presence, for women in particular, has something to do with how much of themselves they allow to be visible.
With clients
With coworkers
With projects
PG 188. "Court fools could say things that, if said by anyone else, would result in their dismissal, even their beheading"
PG 196. "In every change project, there needs to be some acknowledgment that something is dying."

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