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middle school

on 3 February 2010

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Transcript of Curling

-House: A bulls-eye that the players aim for. All about the sport of Curling SPORT TERMS -Skip: The player who is genarally captain -Stone: A granite strone that the players throw
towards the house. -Take out: A shot that Removes another stone from play. By: Devon Findley Equipment •Broom: A broom that the players use to sweep the ice to make the stone move faster.
•Curling shoes: Shoes that the player who delivers the stone wears that slide on ice easley.
•Curing stone: a granite stone used to score points.
About the sport •There is a men’s tournament and a women’s tournament
•There are 10 teams in a tournament
•Two teams play against each other at a time.
•Curling is almost 500 years old
Training •Some say the game is 80% mental
•Curling needs intense focus
•Elites are in the weight room all the time
•Teams need a lot of communication to play well
•Strength and technique is also important.
Pictures THE END!!!! No. really. Bye. Go Away Now.
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