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this is my evaluation

ross sidebottom@hotmail.com

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of evaluation

bloopers question buIld up 4.How did you use media technologies in the construction
and research, planning and evaluation stages? 2.How effective is the combination of your
main product and ancillary texts? 3.What have you learned from audience feedback? 1.In what way does your media product use,
develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 1.When developing my media project I had to consider the use of real media productions,
and how they would be brought into my finished products, I did this
by looking at previously made adverts, my adverts have conventional length all lasting around 30 seconds apart from the sponsorship which I had noticed lasted only 10 to 15 seconds which mine also dose. I tried keeping the music suited to the product having up-tempo music to catch the attention of the viewer. Also my slogans followed convention having the name of the product and then a catch line at the end, this will hopefully stick in the audiences memory.
2.The combination of all of my adverts works very well, I choose a theme at the start that was that
the headphones stopping the person from hearing what was going on around him, sometime hindering
them and sometimes helping them. I also had the same advertising slogan run through all the adverts
and same sort of music throughout all of them to gel them all together. 3.When planning my audience feedback I had to think in a wide range of ages so
I decided to show my adverts to one 19 year old
24 year old and my mum who does not want to disclose her age.
They all said that they liked the way that all the adverts looked and the way
people dancing around to music and not
seeing what was going on around them. The way that they could instantly
see what the advert was trying to advertise making them good adverts.
Answer EvaluatIon Ideas not used i was going to use this man in the animated sketch, he did dance. this was the second man that i looked at 4.I used several things to create my adverts of
my product which themselves are a technological
item, headphones. I also used Microsoft excel and
word, this was to create my audience research,
I used the internet and YouTube to find other adverts that i anaylised
paint, Photoshop, to create a logo, I used Microsoft
movie maker to edit my videos and sound. To record my amazing adverts I used a camera to record my live action videos and I used a mn
voice recorder to record my radio advert. research i was going to design a short animation as my sponsorship advert but ditched the idea soon after. My research consisted of a questionnaire which was completed by 21 people and also some qualitative research, this research was more in-depth and gave better answers. programmes these are all examples of software that i had used for my animation it also consisted of me looking in to previously made adverts. here is one that i looked at. dick and borris? i asked one of my actors to think of a man and a womans name. who comes up with dick and borris? here you can see word. excel internet explore photo shop and the camera i used my adverts conclusion and feedback. i showed my prezi to the class so that i could get some feedback, i got some positive and some negative feedback, also when showing my prezi i noticed a few thing that needed to be improved the first was that my link to my youtube would not load properly and i would need to download the media and convert the file into a .flv format so that i could upload it to my prezi.
the feedback i got was that they liked the way al of my videos linked together, this made it look and like a whole package which was the aim. they liked the way that when the person in the advert put the headphones on the music would start giving the feeling of the headphones took you to a different place. hat there was strong idea from my research that was carried through to my final adverts. it was clear that when researching into my adverts i took what i saw from the previously made adverts and used the ideas to create my own adverts. sound was a problem in my class, people had trouble trying to get the sound levels clear and loud enough, but from feedback i was told that i had good clear sound levels throughout my adverts. negative feedback when showing my prezi the class noticed that the prezi contained some spelling errors, i looked back through my prezi to see if i could find the mistakes. also the class said that my videos were are little dark i belive this to be untrue as the projector i used was showing it on a dim lighting. by Ross Sidebottom
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