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The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

No description

Nedah Basravi

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

1) "Today a woman must ignore her reflection in the eyes of her lover, since he might admire her, and seek it in the gaze of the God of Beauty, in whose perception she is never complete" (Wolf, 85).
Logic Triangle
This novel focuses highly on feminism of more current times. Throughout the book the author describes different situations in which a woman is stereotypically viewed. So many women believe that the ideal definition of beauty is what is shown on media. Many end up disregarding their own opinions and instead mold it into the views of their peers. According to Naomi Wolf the unattainable standard of beauty is actually punishing women from expressing themselves. She states that fashion industries take advantage of a woman's body. However the "Beauty Myth" involves all aspects of how women function.
Rhetorical Square
The Beauty Myth
Presentation By: Nedah Basravi
By: Naomi Wolf
Naomi Wolf argues that women are victims of feminist abuse by men, media, and any social powers. The areas in which she believes woman are being victimized are: work, religion, violence, sex, and hunger. Beauty was thought to be a respected value for women but has been socially constructed into something far more mainstream. It is now in women's mindset that beauty is in fact something to be achieved mainly for getting attention.Wolf's goal was to create this novel in order to bring out these views and provide an overall suggestion on how to possibly end this conspiracy.
"How Images Of Beauty Are
Used Against Women"
The subject of this novel is women and how they are portrayed according to societies views.
"Women have face-lifts in a society in which women without them appear to vanish from sight" (Wolf, 8).
The audience of this novel are all women who are victimized as well as social media, men and other powers that have provoked the supposed idea of women's identity
"Pain is real when you get other people to believe in it. If no one believes in it but you, your pain is madness or hysteria" (Wolf, 254).
The speaker is Naomi Wolf who is a dedicated feminist who wants to change societies perspective on "Beauty."
The purpose of this novel is to make people aware of the harsh, unfair, treatment women experience when it comes to their appearances, behavior, and actions in order to prove that women are unable to do what they want, how they want to.
"No matter what a woman's appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualize- as her personal problem- observations she makes about the beauty myth in society" (Wolf, 11).
"She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her" (Wolf, 5).
2) "What editors are obliged to appear to say that
want from women is actually what their
want from women" (Wolf, 23).
3) "Culture stereotypes women to fit the myth by flattening the feminine into beauty-without-intelligence or intelligence-without-beauty; women are allowed a mind or a body but not both"(Wolf, 62).
This quote ties with the author's argument of how women are perceived by society. No matter how hard women try to fit in with the supposed regulations of appearance, it will never be enough or up to par.
Social media has corrupted man's view of what he wants out of a woman. In fact, it isn't even his view anymore, it is the view advertisers want him to have.
This is the most noticeable misconception of femininity. Woman can either have looks, or smarts, according to society, but never both of those qualities. The author revolves most of the novel around how this idea should be discarded of.
The author provides a logical view of how to change society's perspective on the correct treatment of women. She offers insightful suggestions which are completely possible to attain.
The author connects with her audience on personal levels, by giving real-life examples of experiences women have had and how they've dealt with all sorts of harsh behavior towards them.
The author provides many facts and data throughout the novel and proves her credibility through statistically showing it and backing it up with evidence.
"When asked, 'What should be done?' I've said that it is the readers themselves who will write the final chapter of
The Beauty Myth
" (Wolf, 6).
"...writes Rosalind Miles, 'women are shown either to receive less than men or to receive nothing at all.' That is still true: In 1984, in the United States, women working year-round at full-time jobs still earned an average of only $14,780..." (Wolf, 49).
"In 1982, an Auburn University study found that 25 percent of undergraduate women had had at least one encounter of rape; 93 percent of those were by acquaintances" (Wolf, 166).
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