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10 Elements of Gothic Literature

No description

Allison Kulish

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of 10 Elements of Gothic Literature

Elements of
literature setting Set in old, rundown structures: especially castles or great country manors.
The building usually features hidden passages, trap doors, dungeons or secret rooms.
Has suffered a decline from its former greatness. environment Bleak or foreboding
Dark forests
Imposing mountains
Stormy weather
Far from civilization atmosphere Mystery
Hidden secrets which threaten protagonist Protagonists Isolated or alone
Physical or emotional
Self-imposed or circumstances emotions Passionate and strong-willed
Women-curious and have a tendency to swoon
Men-storm and rage in reflection of unseen inner torments damsels in distress Threatened by tyrannical men or circumstances
Appear frightened
May suffer from some sort of ailment foreboding Unlucky omens
Ancient curses
Dark forces The supernatural Ghosts
Unexplained manifestations decay a formerly great family, community, country or individual who has peaked and now begins a slow process of decline
Crumbling buildings
Characters Drama Murders
People going crazy
Tragic illness
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