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giulio maceratini

on 19 February 2010

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Transcript of biology

water pollution 1) conteinment of water bodies like : lakes rivers
chemicals and pathogens,
people not respecting the environment by throwing sewage in the sea, and people use fertilisers which damage aquatic ecosystem

causes that's poo treatment of water pollution denitrification
fertilizers contain nitrogen, and are often applied to crops by farmers to help plant growth and increase the yield Harmful effects from Water Pollution Water Pollution doesn’t directly affect our health immediately, but is dangerous in the long-term haul. Different types of pollutants affect the health of animals in various ways: • Heavy metal solids can gather in lakes and rivers from industries. They are toxic to water animals, like fish and octopuses.
• People are affected, as they also eat the contaminated organisms.
• Microbial pollutants cause infectious diseases that spread easily through the aquatic and terrestrial life through drinking water.
• E.g. Cholera and typhoid fever are the main causes of infant mortality.
• Organic matters cause an increase in aerobic algae and deplete oxygen from the water, which causes suffocation of aquatic organisms.
• Acid rain can harm the health of marine life.
• Suspended particles on water usually reduce the amount sunlight that penetrates through the water, tampering the process of photosynthesis for plants and microorganisms.
by giulio maceratini and kevin luigi reyes Euthrophication Eutrophication is an increase of chemicals that is present in the aquatic eco-system. it causes sevear reduction of water quality. how to prevent water pollution
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