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Navigating the Student Information System (SIS)

An introduction to using SIS at Goddard College

Goddard College IT

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Navigating the Student Information System (SIS)

Student Information System
What is the Student Information System (SIS)?
Your academic record with Goddard
degree study plans (select programs)
semester study plans
admissions information
Your official contact information with Goddard
legal and/or preferred name
mailing address (used by library to send books)
Your student account/billing information
SIS is your official academic record at Goddard College.
Accessing SIS
via Goddard website:
via URL:
The first time you use SIS, you will review Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information
Click "I agree" at last screen
Click next to review FERPA
Contact the Registrar's Office with questions about FERPA including invoking and revoking your FERPA rights.
Main Navigation Bar
Logout: S
ecurely log out of SIS
Brings you to home screen
Your Demographic information, if you provided this to the college
Where you will work with Study Plans
Your contact information
Student Accounts:
Your billing/student account info
The Address Tab
Please verify the Registrar's Office has your correct contact info.
Email any changes to registrar@goddard.edu
The Academics Tab
This is where you will record your work for each term. As you progress, additional terms will be added. You can review any past semester at any time.
If your program uses the "Study Plan as a Whole", you can access it from this page.
Study Plan as a Whole
and the individual
Semester Study Plans
are very similar. We will look at the semester study plans
To access an individual Semester's Study Plan, click on the title of the term
You will then see the various parts of your academic records for that term
LOA, Extensions...
Study Plan:
work with your semester study plan
Self Eval:
work with your self-evaluation of your semester (near end of semester - check residency schedule for dates)
Advisor Eval:
your advisor's evaluation of your work this semester
Study Plan
A web-based form where you and your advisor will outline your work for the semester
Save your work often
Limited formatting options (and spellcheck) available
Save your work often
Advisor can see work after first save
You can cut and paste from another source (Word, Google Docs, text editor)
Save your work often
Timeout warning after 30 minutes
Cut and Paste
Depending on your browser, your method will vary
Use the provided buttons:
The Student Accounts Tab
Information about your financial account at Goddard can be found here.
Click on "Billing" to see/pay/work with your account
The Correspondence link will have your materials relating to the registrar's office that you might have to refer to or work with.

Specifically, info regarding your attendance status with the registrar (extensions, LOAs).
NEED SIS HELP? Visit http://help.goddard.edu
PSY and EDU Students

You will not create a term study plan, you will create multiple Course contracts or Area of Study contracts for the individual Courses/Area of Studies you've chosen.
via your Program site
Brings you to your admissions file
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