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In the time period of 1450-1750, the spread of major religions and the expansion of long-distance trade was very important and they were linked together and long distance trade became worldwide.

stephanie cuellar

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of 1450-1750

Mughal Empire Gunpowder Empires Ming and Early Qing Dynasties Cultural Developments Intellectual Developments European Empires Ottoman Empire Portugals power came from education and colonization. Also came wealth from the hlep of coloization England used a powder from trade and the economy. Intellectual life was now based on Chinese
tradidions, neo-confucianism and Civil Service
Exams. The printing press increased the number
of books, including novels which Confucian
scholars condemned. Many cases of cultural synthesis. Mercantilism
took place as well and this was the practices of spirits
of commercialism. Ming ruled China until the mid 1600's. Manchu's finally overthrew Ming Dynasty in 1644 This Empire included a collection of
Turkish tribes from Asia Minor. Maintained a strong empire for
about 600 years. Strong army, not much of a diverse
population. Shi'a Muslims was mainly
the religion. Belief in the "Hidden Imam"
-Descendent of Ali. Land included modern day India,
Pakistan and Afghanistan. Akbar
was the ruler of this Empire. Taj
Mahal was a very important architectural
development. Safavid Persia, Ottoman Turkey and Mughal India.
Being apart of the Gunpowder Empires was the
people's way to conquer most nomadic groups.
Many land-based empires who built their power
on the use of gunpowder. Safavid Empire 1450-1750
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