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D/M Airplane

Artifact the Airplane

Kieran Mansfield

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of D/M Airplane

Welcome Friends!!!!!
How was it used when it was invented? The first
airplane was used for world war 1 and peace. How its used today is for transporting people, war, fires, farming, and many other things.
The inventors of the first airplane to fly in America are Orville and Wilbur Wright. (The Wright Brothers).
Science of the Airplane.
There are four factors for a plane to fly.
Lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Though each must be balanced for flight. Weight and lift must be equally balanced, and thrust must be greater than drag. Also it involved what matierials e plane was to be made out of like alumminum.

The engineering involved is building the airplane's landing gear, a black box, dashboard, wings, payload, seating, cockpit, and more.

The purpose for the airplane was to fly, to defend, to go far distance or be able to fly for a long period of time.
The math involved in building the airplane is velocity,speed distance traveled time, shape, and thickness.
The areas of technology that best describes our artifact is transportation.
Technology of the Airplane.
Some of the technology in the airplane is
landing gear, dashboard, and black box.
All of these are very important parts of an airplane's
technology and cause it to fly.
Positive Effects of The Airplane
Weapon of War
Safe Travel
Fast Travel

If only Orville and Wilbur could see airplanes now!
“The airplane stays up because it doesn't have time to fall.” ~ Orville Wright
Impacts in socity in a negative way

pollutes the earth
globel warming
carbon dioxide

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