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The 3 Branches of Government

The Branches of Government assignment

andre laolawi

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of The 3 Branches of Government

The Three Branches of the Canadian Government The Prime Minister The Legislative Branch The Cabinet who's in it? What's his job? The Prime Minister holds the responsibility of running the every day Government. The Prime Minister does not only run the Government, but also dictates who will be in his Cabinet. He or She also have the power to appoint or recommend senators, and Supreme Court Judges. Who are they? and what is their jobs? The Cabinet are a group of people appointed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister chooses these people to run different Government departments. Where they are called Ministers. The Cabinet also have the power to propose ideas to the House of Commons, and the Senate for them to vote on. Monarchy Who? The Queen The Governor General represents the Queen in Canada The House of Commons The Senate Who's in it ? 308 MP's around Canada What is an MP? MP is a Member of the Parliament voted by its constituents in its riding. They vote and debate on bills Each MP are responsible for their political party and on their own constituents. Who is in it? 105 Senators What is a Senator? Senators are appointed by various Prime Ministers. What is their job? They vote and debate on bills, also they are known to provide sober, second thought after the House of Commons. Do they represent anybody? No, because they are not voted
by the citizens of Canada. Why is the Senate part of the Canadian Government? They are part of the Government not only to vote and debate on bills, but to represent the interests of regions and minorities. The Governor General He/She is the Queen's representative to Canada. who is he/she? The Supreme Court Who is in it? The 9 Justices who were appointed by the Governor General, and recommended by the Prime Minister. The 9 Justices What is the role of the Supreme court? The Supreme Court is the highest court in Canada. Above all the provincial and territorial courts,
it is Canada's final court of appeals. One of the role of the Supreme Court is that they apply and interpret laws passed by the legislative branch. They based their decisions if the bill does or does not violate the Canadian Constitution, Aboriginal rights, and Canada's
Charter of Rights, and Freedoms. The Executive Branch The Judicial Branch By: Andre Lao-lawi 9-1
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