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Age is Just a number

My service learning project at the carriage inn.

khai lamotta

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Age is Just a number

Doubl Carriage Inn
Independnt Living
Community Planning Process I really wanted to do something with children when
I first started to look into places to go so I looked
into working with some of the local elementry school,
but I couldn't commit to the times that they wanted me
to be there so I had to find some thing else to do. So I looked at the examples for service learning sites and I decided that the Carriage Inn looked like a lot of funm not to mention it was very easy to fit volunteer hours into my schedule.
2805 Lake Road,
Huntsville, TX 77340
Telephone: 936-295-0600
Facsimile: 936-295-5822 Age is just a number By: Khai LaMotta Why did I choose this site? I heard some of the other girls talking about how much
fun they were having at the Carriage Inn and I decided to
and have some fun as well. The Residents Retireies
Couples and Singles
Many people of diffrent ages and cultures About the Carriage Inn They call it a cruise ship on land
Their motto is Love, Fun, and Wow!!!
It's all about Relationships The residents have left the burdens and responsibilities of maintaining a homestead, in favor of a neighborly community of people who value each other and their active lifestyle. As all our residents come to understand, people come to our communities to enjoy life. Activities
community dances
red hat society
red kap club
bible studies
old time gospel singing
Games and Activites
Family Fued
The not so newlywed game
The price is right
Name that tune
Let's make a deal
Physical Activies
walking club
water aerobics
pool tournament The Need to help the community
set up
clean up
participation What did i do... Set up party
build crew
learned how to play Bridge
kitchen help
worked party
cleaned up party County Fair Party!! Relation to Class 1) Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs Physiological Needs
Safety and Security
Love and Belonging
Self- esteem 2) Listening skills What I learned Bridge is really hard
the Carriage Inn throws the best parties ever
age is just a number
you are never too old to have a good time
retirement doesn't have to be boring The End!
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