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Web Wise: Using Web Applications to Enhance Classroom Learning

Web Wise: Using Web Applications to Enhance Classroom Learning

Heather Blount

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of Web Wise: Using Web Applications to Enhance Classroom Learning

Collaborate Present Organize Survey The Curriculum Center
for Family & Consumer Sciences Web Wise:
Using Web Applications to Enhance
Classroom Learning Animoto
www.animoto.com Glogster EDU
edu.glogster.com One True Media
www.onetruemedia.com Prezi
www.prezi.com PB Works
www.pbworks.com Wikispaces
www.wikispaces.com/content/for/teachers Blogger
www.blogger.com Edmodo
www.edmodo.com Edublogs
edublogs.org WordPress
wordpress.com 21 Classes
www.21classes.com Wall Wisher
www.wallwisher.com Survey Monkey
www.surveymonkey.com Poll Everywhere
www.polleverywhere.com Trimble SketchUp
www.sketchup.com Make Beliefs Comix
www.makebeliefscomix.com Storybird
www.storybird.com Wordle
www.wordle.net Live Binders
www.livebinders.com Web Notes
www.webnotes.net Mouse Mischief
www.microsoft.com/multipoint/mouse-mischief/ Presented by:

Heather Blount
Curriculum Specialist

Arlene Spearman
Associate Director/Curriculum Specialist Online Curriculum
http:// ccfcs.tizrapublisher.com Create Presentation software

Can be embedded in
Web sites and blogs Generate word clouds
with text Create and share online
story books Create comic strips

Fast and super easy Create, modify, and
share 3D models Create video slideshows
using photos and video clips Higlight and add notes
to Web pages and PDF documents Virtual 3-ring binder

Collect, organize, and present resources online (Web pages, videos, PDFs, and images Wikis A collection of Web pages that can be modified by mulitiple people using a simple language Google Sites
sites.google.com Facebook
www.facebook.com Communicate Blogs Web publishing tool that allows authors to quickly and easily self-publish text, artwork, links, videos, and pictures to other blogs or Web sites Online notice board

Post announcements, leave notes, etc. Create interactive PowerPoint slides

Students respond using a computer mouse

Works with Mircosoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 Online, all-in-one materials for teachers

Subscription includes TEKS aligned teaching strategies, student materials, PowerPoint slides, hyperlinks, and much more.

16 courses, with more to come! Getting Started Explore and become familiar with the application

Check with your technology department or director

Set up rules, guidelines, and expectations for use of application Create polls and surveys Twiducate
www.twiducate.com Twitter for education

Designed for teachers and students

Only teachers and students can view posts Post assignments, upcoming tests, reminders, syllabus, newsletters, etc.

Share resources

Post discussion questions Use for group projects

Post, syllabus, assignments, projects, meetings, notes, etc.

Student portfolios issuu
www.issuu.com digital publisher

convert any document into an interactive, online document

documents can be
private or public http://issuu.com/ccfcs/docs/culinary_capers_handout_summer_conf_2011 Create interactive, online posters using images, text, videos, and music

Can be embedded in blogs, wikis, and web pages or printed
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