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Jason - The Quest of the Golden Fleece

Discover the awe-inspiring journey of Jason and the others as they fight for the Golden Fleece!

Cary Huang

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Jason - The Quest of the Golden Fleece

The Quest for the Golden Fleece
...and a lot of other people
They flew to a place...
... called Colchis
The story starts with a Greek prince named Phrixus. He was about to inherit the throne when his jealous stepmother decided to kill him. Phrixus was about to be sacrificied when a flying golden ram, sent by Hermes, saves him and flew him away...
Phrixus's drowning sister Helle. She dies, but that's not important.
Golden Ram
It's a country near the Black Sea, which is also known as the Unfriendly Sea.
The Colchians were very kind to Phrixus.
Phrixus was so grateful he sacrificed the ram and gave the golden fleece to the Colchian king, King Æetes.
and everything was fine...
While everything was fine and dandy in Colchis, Phrixus's uncle, Aeson, had his kingdom in Greece stolen by his nephew, Pelias.
An oracle told Pelias of a one-sandaled stranger who would be his downfall.
Unbeknowst to Pelias,
Aeson had a son, Jason,
who just happened to be
missing one of his sandals as he walked into the city.
Being the rightful heir to the throne, Jason confronted Pelias about perhaps regaining his father's kingdom!
to which Pelias responded...
to which Jason responded...
to which Pelias responded...
"The dead Phrixus bids us bring back the Golden Fleece and thus bring back his spirit to his home. ... Do you go upon this quest, and I swear with Zeus as my witness that I will give up the kingdom and the sovereign rule to you "
And so, Jason and his crew set off.
Their first stop was the island Lemnos, inhabited by fierce women warriors who killed all men.
However, the women welcomed the Argonauts, supplying them with food, shelter, and clothing.
...but not really
There they met a man
named Phineas.
Sam's attempt
Sam's attempt
King Æetes
The Hero's Journey of Jason
"The Ordinary World"
This Golden Fleece, of course, was still at Colchis with King Æetes.
"The Call to Adventure"
Step 3 "Refusal of Call"
Jason welcomed the adventure and accepted immediately.
"The First Threshold"
Next, they met a withered man named Phineus.
Hermes gave Phineus the ability to tell the future. This angered Zeus. Zeus punished Phineus by sending horrible, foul-smelling creatures called Harpies to defile his food every time he dined.
Being the good people
that they were, the
Argonauts slew the Harpies.
As thanks for being saved, Phineus told the Argonauts how to get past the Symplegades, a pair of rocks that smashed together in the middle of the ocean.
Phineus gave them a dove, and said if the
dove made it through the Symplegades,
the Argo would too.
And so they set off to the Symplegades.
When they got there, they released the dove, which made it through
the rocks. And so, the crew did, too.
When Jason finally asked the King for the Golden Fleece, the King became angry. He said
that he would give Jason the Fleece, but only if Jason would...
1. Yoke the Fire Oxen, who snorted flames
2. Use the oxen to sow the teeth of a dragon (given to him by the king.)
3. And defeat the soldiers that would grow from the teeth
('cause that's what would happen.)
The next day, Jason followed her instructions and used the ointment on himself to yoke the
oxen and plant the teeth.
As soon as the teeth were sown, warriors started growing from the ground.
Jason followed Medea's instructions and threw a rock into the center of
the field near the warriors, causing the warriors to fight against eachother- leaving Jason free.
Despite Jason's success with the tasks, King Æetes still refused to give Jason the Golden Fleece. Medea helped Jason
steal the Golden Fleece from the serpent guarding it. She said that he must leave immediately. At that point Medea came to him and pleaded to allow her to come with him.
But as they were leaving, Medea's brother, Apsyrtus, chased after them! In defense, Medea
cut him up with her dagger.
Further on they found Talus, on the island on Crete. Talus was an iron man made by Hepheastus. Talus started to hurl rocks at them, so Medea prayed to Hades for Talus to die. Talus was invincible except for his ankle, which
he grazed on a rock, causing him to die.

Finally Jason and the Argonauts returned home,
only to discover something shocking...
Pelias had forced Jason's father, Aeson,
to kill himself!

Jason was furious and
told Medea to take revenge on Pelias.
Knowing this meant a lot to her love, Medea hatched a plan.
She told Pelias's daughters that if they cut Pelias up, put
him in water, and had her say magic words, Pelias would be
young again. She fooled them by leaving immediately. Pelias died.
Jason was avenged.

Things just got worse for Medea, though. Jason left her for the princess of Corinth, Creusa, who exiled Medea and her children from Corinth.
As revenge, Medea poisoned Creusa's
robe, which burnt away her skin.
After that, she killed Jason's sons.

Jason was understandably angry and chased after her, but she rode away
in her grandfather, Helios's, chariot, never to be seen again.
The End
Jason, along with many others, set sail for Colchis in the ship Argo. These adventurers, known as the Argonauts, included Jason, Hercules, Orpheus, Castor, Pollux, Peleas, and many others.
"Return with New Knowledge"
Pelias (and Jason)
King Æetes
The Golden Fleece
Helios, shown at the right, is the Sun god. He is also the father of the famous Phaeton!
"The Supreme Ordeal"
Meeting the Mentor
Symplegades in real life
It's Pelias's daughters chopping Pelias up and putting his chunks into a pot!
"Return with Elixir"
This is Talus. Notice the ship (Argo) he is holding between his legs.
Jason is taking the Golden Fleece without King Æetes's permission!
Do you see Apsyrtus? He's being held by a few men as Medea prepares for the attack.
This is the Argo. Can you find Poseidon?
The island of Lemnos, not to be confused with lemons. Almost all inhabitants were women. The only male was the king.
Phinues's food
THis time, Hera, the Goddess, would be at their aid. After the crew finally made it to the palace, they were welcomed by king Aetes and his daughter Medea. Hera, devoted to the argonauts cause, asked Aphrodite to ask cupid to make Medea fall in love with Jason. Medea would become a valuable asset to Jason and the Argonatus
Jason meets King Æets for the very first time.
Jason just defeated the Colchian dragon!
Dragons are very scary. The Colchian dragon, shown to the left, is no exception! It is also excruciatingly scary!
Tests, Allies and Enemies
Meeting the Mentor: II
"Seizing the Prize"
The Return
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