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Southern Africa

No description

C Fricault

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Southern Africa

South Africa
by conor+Cameron Physical Geography
South Africa
Landforms Plateaus and mountains
Dry Regions
rivers Climate mostly dry
eastern region;mild to hot subtropical(lots of rain)
Drakensburg mt. ;temp. is low with lots of rain
Deserts are dry and extremely hot
south tip of continent has a mild mediterranean climate
cool wet winters and warm dry summers
northern countries have a tropical climate
winters in the savanna can be cool

physical geography traditional people

bantu earliest settlers in south africa
they have their own cultures
they are very independent
they have their own languages
have their own spritual practices

government Government type:republic
Legal system based on roman - dutch and english common law
has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction
branches of legal system same as U.S. branches
many political parties and leaders(too many to name)
basic government similar to U.S.

popular culture nelson mandella large ethnic diversity
wide variety of food and cuisine
music and dance found prominentley
cuisine especially marketed to tourists who wish to sample the large cuisine
have their own styles and genres of music,including kwaito,which was created in the '80s
religions include zion christian,penticostal,roman-catholic,methodist,dutch reformed,angelican,unspecified christian,muslim,hindu,judaism,and unspecified religions
has eleven official languages;afrikaans,english,ndebele,northren sotho,sotho,swazi,tswana,tsonga,venda,xhosa,and zulu.
popular sports include soccer,rugby,and cricket
other significant sports include swimming,golf,boxing,tennis,and netball.

economy middle income country
abundant supply of resources,well-developed financials,legal communications,energy,and transport sectors
a stock exchange that ranks among the top twenty in the world
ranked 25th in the world in terms of gdp(ppp)
a modern infrastructure supporting an efficiant distribution of goods to major urban centres throughout the entire region

nelson mandella bridge in johannnesburg references http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/south_africa
grolier online
social studies textbook
Is africa a good place to visit?
I think south africa would be a good place to visit.It has a wide variety of religions,cultures,languages,and traditions.theres a wide variety of sports to enjoy.you can learn the many languages and cultures,and really get to know the lifestyle of these people.Its got a fair climate,and many amazong landforms to enjoy.you can discover the many ethnic diversities.there are many genres of music and dance to enjoy,including original ones created in south africa.they have a fair economy,and a large variety of food and cuisine.being a tourist,they would gladly provide you with some of the finest cuisine,being a large market in south africa.Thats why i think it would be a good place to visit.
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