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The scarlet letter vs Easy A

No description

Austin Drury

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The scarlet letter vs Easy A

The Scarlet Letter and Easy A
Nicole Smith P.4
-Olive resembles Hester and Pearl in the way that she is the outcast in her society.
- Both Hester and Olive were somewhat let down at one point by someone who was close to them. Hester's husband would not be seen with her and Olive disconnected from her best friend.
- Religion is a major theme in The Scarlet Letter and it also plays a role in Easy A. The Puritans of Hester's town mirror the religious group in Hester's high school.

- In both stories, rumors spread quickly.
-Hester was forced to wear the letter she had hated so much, while Olive took her school assignment even further outside of her clasroom and showed off her letter to embrace her new reputation.
Lessons: Hester came to realize that her scarlet letter was no longer a symbol of sin but a symbol of identity.
Olive learns from her desicions that she doesn't owe anything to anyone.
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