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A brief history of Dan and Phil

No description

Alex Naples

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of A brief history of Dan and Phil

A brief history of Dan and Phil
After a year of skyping, texting, interacting over social media and occasionally meeting in real life, Dan and Phil decide to move into an apartmant together.

The year is 2006. Phil Lester gets a camera from tokens in a cereal box and films his first video.

The black and white footage and extreme northern accent make this possibly the most cringe worthy video he has uploaded.... accept his american accent video.
Fast forward to 2009 where Phil Lester begins uploading more regularly and gained a following.

As his channel kicked off, one of his fans, Dan Howell decided to try to talk his favorite Youtuber, and to his surprise, Senpi noticed him.

The two began talking and became great friends.

Phil eventually talked Dan into making a video and thus danisnotonfire was born!
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