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The First Inhabitants (Ch 7)

Notes about the cultures and daily life of Native Americans in what is now West Virginia

Jessica Abshire

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of The First Inhabitants (Ch 7)

Paleo Culture
Archaic Culture
Lived between 10,000 BC - 1,000 BC
Hunted smaller animals, gatherers, fishers
Folsom (spear) point & atlatl
Settled in one place longer than the Paleo Indians
Woodland Cultures: Adena & Hopewell
Early Woodland Culture - Adena
Middle Woodland Culture - Hopewell
Lived between 1000 BC - 1000 AD
Highly organized society
Late Woodland
Lived between 1000 - 1600 AD
Farming culture with permanent villages
Pottery, tools, & weapons (ax, hammer, bow & arrow)
The First Inhabitants
Nearly every part of this state was inhabited by prehistoric peoples thousands of years ago.
Lived between 20,000 BC and 10,000 BC
Followed large game like mastodons and mammoths - Clovis point used
Mounds for chiefs, shamans, priests and other honored dead.
Very few American Indians were living in what is now West Virginia when white settlers first arrived.
Culture refers to the beliefs, customs, and civilization of a particular people or group.
We know how people lived by studying artifacts.
Prehistoric cultures existed before recorded history.
Examples: bits of stone, bone, pottery, tools, cave paintings, weavings, skeletons, items buried with dead, and leftover trash.
Copper jewelry, shell beads, & flint spearheads
Largest conical mound in the US - Grave Creek Mound

Second largest mound in WV - Criel Mound

Ancient wall have been found in WV. Used for:
Theories why there were few Native Americans in WV when Europeans arrived:
Forced out of the area
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