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Robert Wilson

Scene Design - Jonny Riggert

Jonny Riggert

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson Wikipedia "First Sentence"
Robert Wilson is an American avant-garde stage director and playwright who has been called “[America]’s - or even the world’s - foremost vanguard “theater artist.”

"Why be depressed, dumb, and agitated when you can be happy,
smart, and tranquil?" - Robert Wilson Everything's Bigger in Texas
- Born in Waco, Texas
- Father was as Lawyer

That Education Stuff:
- University of Texas (Business Administration)
- Pratt Institute (Architecture) "The more internal freedom you achieve, the more you want: it is more fun to be happy than sad, more enjoyable to choose your own emotions than to have them inflicted on you by mechanical glandular processes, more pleasurable to solve your problems than to be stuck with them forever." - Robert Wilson Man of the Hour:
- Choreographer
- Scene Design
- Costumer Designer
- Video Artist
- Sound & Lighting Design
- Performer
- Painter & Sculptor Thought from Taco: Robert Wilson is the scientist
of scenic design & the theater
is his laboratory!

If theatrical design had boundaries,
Robert Wilson destroyed them
like Hiroshima.
New York Times would agree:
“[Robert Wilson is] a
towering figure in the world
of experimental theater...
an explorer in the uses of
time and space onstage.”
Don't you love Wikipedia?
"Robert Wilson has worked on over 48 different productions
and has received over 60 awards from around the globe.
This man is the epic legacy of theatre designers and directors." “Wilson surprises the spectator with a celebration of the ordinary. His ability to convey complex ideas with the use of simple images and everyday objects is often deeply rooted in his own childhood memories of Waco, Texas. The blue skies, a chair, a glass of milk, a shoe, a tree, will take on a resonant symbolic meaning when filtered through imagination of the artist. His theatre is as mysterious as he is. Throughout his career, he has cultivated and achieved a profound sense of mystery around his persona”

Katharina Otto-Bernstein (Producer & Director of the Movie Absolute Wilson)
"Everything turns up in my work, and sometimes I don't even know it." - Robert Wilson "No one is more interesting to anybody than is that
mysterious character we all call me, which is
why self-liberation, self-actualization,
self-transcendence, etc., are the most
exciting games in town." - Robert Wilson Major works: - Civil Wars
- The Life and Times of Josef Stalin
- Einstein on the Beach, a collaboration with Philip Glass
- Parsifal
- Alice
- Salome
- Time Rocker
- The Black Rider
- Hamlet: a monologue
- I La Galigo

"Genius is childhood recovered at will."
- Charles Boudelaire “Sometimes you say to yourself what should I do next?...
you’re trying to think of the right thing to do but quite often
you should think what’s the wrong thing to do, what should I not do?
... and then do that.” - Robert Wilson
"Once something becomes discernible, or understandable,
we no longer need to repeat it. We can destroy it."

“If you feel it... it’s okay to laugh.”

"Language is the barrier of the imagination."

"The moment you think you understand a great work of art,
it's dead for you." - Robert Wilson
A Witty man with Witty freaking quotes: A Motivational Moment
with Tac.
- Break Rules (well, not all of them)
- Good Collaboration = Good Work
- Impliment Your Style Baby!
- Don't be afraid to be CrAzY!
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