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Famous Mathematicians

No description

Arthur Valente

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Famous Mathematicians

Math Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist later settled in the U.S., who developed the theory of general relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics.

Birth: March 14, 1879.

Death: April 18, 1955, Princeton

Sons: Hans Albert Einstein, Eduard Einstein, Einstein Lieserl, Ilse Einstein, Margot Einstein

Wife: Elsa Einstein (1919-1936), Mileva Marić (1903-1919)

Awards: Nobel Prize in Physics, Copley Medal, Max Planck Medal, More

Sister: Maja Einstein Arquimedes Archimedes of Syracuse was a mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer Greek. Although few details of his life are known, are enough to be considered one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity.

Birth: 287 BC, Syracuse

Assassinated: 212 BC, Syracuse

Membership: Phidias Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton was an English scientist, best known as a physicist and mathematician, although it was also an astronomer, alchemist, natural philosopher and theologian.

Birth: December 25, 1642.
Death: March 20, 1727, Kensington

Burial: Westminster Abbey

Works: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms

Membership: Hannah Ayscough, Mr. Isaac Newton

Sons: Hannah Pilkington Smith, Benjamin Smith, Mary Smith Leonhard Euler Leonhard Paul Euler was a great mathematician and German-speaking Swiss physicist who spent most of his life in Russia and Germany. Euler made important discoveries in fields varying calculations and graphs.

Birth: April 15, 1707, Basel

Death: September 18, 1783, St. Petersburg

Education: University of Basel (1720-1723)

Children: Johann Euler, Euler Christof

Wife: Salome Abigail Gsell (1776-1783), Katharina Gsell (1734-1773)

Membership: Marguerite Brucker, Paul Euler FAMOUS Mathematicians Albert Einstein
Isaac Newton
Leonhard Euler
Sophus Lie
Lev Landau
Stephen Smale Albert Einstein Euclides Euclid of Alexandria was a teacher, writer and mathematician Plato possibly Greek, often referred to as the "Father of Geometry".

Birth: 325 BC, Alexandria

Death: 265 BC

Work: The Elements Nationality Norwegian

Born: December 17, 1842 in Nordfjordeid

Death: February 18, 1899 (56 years) in Oslo

Institutions :University of Oslo, University of Leipzig
Alma mater University of Oslo

Oriented (s) Hans Blichfeldt, Lucjan Emil Böttcher, Charles Leonard Bouton, Élie Cartan, Elling Holst, Gerhard Kowalewski, Gottlob Friedrich Lipps, Edgar Odell Lovett, Georg Scheffers, Kazimierz Zorawski.

Known for the Lie algebra, Lie group

Awards: Lobachevsky Medal (1897) Sophus Lie Lev Davidovich Landau was a Soviet physicist and mathematician. As Edmund Landau, Lev was from the Landau Jewish family, which had produced many prominent rabbis and scholars.

Birth: January 22, 1908, Baku
Death: April 1, 1968, Moscow

Awards: Nobel Prize in Physics, Max Planck Medal

Education: State University of Saint Petersburg, Baku State University Lev Landau The End Arthur S. Nara Carvalho
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