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efrain aguilar galaviz

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Australia

Local Tours
*sydney hilton hotel
2 Cairns
3 Gold Coast
4 Island Fraser
5 Island Magnetic

Feedback from others visitors
This place is very visited because of he animal and plants life beauty and it economical stuff, also they have a beach

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
flight Schedule
The cost to go to Australia
is of 22.400 mx shopped
in a side called
hotels and amenities

Paradise Links Resort Port Douglas offers 2 lagoon style pools, a tennis court and free parking just 500 meters from Four Mile Beach. All units come with free Wi-Fi and a patio or balcony overlooking the tropical garden or pool.
Sydney Hilton offer modern amenities including luxury bathroom and LCD TV. Some rooms have blackout blinds and a work area. Guests have access to a fully equipped spa and wellness center. There is an indoor 25-meter pool, a modern fitness center, saunas, steam rooms and a whirlpool. The Hilton Hotel Sydney offers 5 stylish restaurants and bars, including the award-winning French Brasserie and Marble Bar is historical heritage. The hotel is located in the center of the shopping and entertainment district of Sydney, opposite the Queen Victoria Building. It is a 10 minute walk from Darling Harbour and Sydney Aquarium.
Paradise Links Resort Port Douglas offers 2 lagoon style pools, a tennis court and free parking just 500 meters from Four Mile Beach. All units come with free Wi-Fi and a patio or balcony overlooking the tropical garden or pool.
Budget prices
Plane cost
Tour cost
Typycal food

1Paradise links
3 Cairns
4 Gold Coast
5 Island Fraser
6 Island Magnetic

sidney hilton
First of all is to go on an airplae of Mexico to sydeney then in the tour go in differnet transports like Bus, Bycicles, Motos and boats.
monthly schedule
Australian cuisine refers to the cuisine of Australia and its indigenous and colonial societies. Indigenous Australians have occupied the lands of Australia for some 40,000–60,000 years, during which time they developed a unique hunter gatherer diet, known as "bush tucker", drawn from regional Australian flora and fauna—such as the kangaroo. Australia was, from 1788 to 1900, a collection of British colonies in which culinary tastes were strongly influenced by British and Irish traditions - and agricultural products such as beef cattle, sheep and wheat became staples in the national diet. Post-war Australia's multicultural immigration program lead to a diversification of the cuisine of Australia, particularly under the influence of Mediterranean and East Asian migrants.
Australian cuisine of the first decade of the 21st century shows the influence of globalisation. Organic and biodynamic foods have become widely available and there has been a revival of interest in bushfoods. British traditions persist to varying degrees in domestic cooking and the takeaway food sector, with roast dinners, the Australian meat pie and fish and chips remaining hugely popular, but there are also new elements featured in these foods. Meat is a core food in Australian cuisines. The production of meat is a significant part of the country's agricultural economy, and it has been historically a significant part of Australian's diet and agricultural economy. To barbecue meat is considered traditional in Australia. While fast food chains are abundant, Australia's metropolitan centres possess many famed haute cuisine and nouvelle cuisine establishments offering both local and international food due to strong multiculturalism. Restaurants whose product includes contemporary adaptations, interpretations or fusions of exotic influences are frequently termed "Modern Australian".
Thanks for your attention

Status of hotel room:
Norma suit
.3 bathrooms
.2 beds
.1 T.V.
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