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Some Themes of "The Book Thief"

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Alexis Chao

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Some Themes of "The Book Thief"

1. What are the various forms of suffering we encounter in the novel?

2. If a reader doesn't know much about the Holocaust, does the novel adequately express the suffering Jews experienced during the Holocaust?

3. Is guilt connected to suffering in The Book Thief? Why or why not?

4. What are some sites of intense suffering in the novel?

5. How do the main characters cope with suffering?
Some Themes of "The Book Thief"
Theme 2 : Suffering
Discussion Question
Let's reflect back to our lesson, what is a theme?
* A theme is the main idea, message, or lesson of the story.
* We'll be talking about two themes:
1. Courage
2. Suffering
Theme 1 : Courage
Answers to Discussion Questions
Answers to Discussion Questions (Pt 2)
4. Some sites of intense suffering are at some war sites, the concentration camps, some bombing sites or targets, and the enemy countries of Germany and Russia.

5. Liesel coped with her suffering with the books she had and especially she had her Papa to help calm her down when she had really bad nightmares. Harrs Huberman coped with his suffering by playing the accordion, or maybe smoking a cigaret.
1. Max Vandenburg was the most courageous, because he was willing to trust the Hubermans, even though there was a chance that the Hubermans would sell him out, and he had the courage to even go to the Hubermans' place, even with the chance of being caught. He also sneaks to the window and watch the stars, it's been so long he hasn't seen any. It's really dangerous for him to do such things.

2. The want to live, the will to live on for his family, and maybe even the want to make sure that the Hubermans were safe are what gave Max courage.

3. Some courageous moments are every time Liesel or anyone goes out to steal something, even though there was the risk of being caught. Another courageous moment is when Rudy when into the ice cold water just to get Liesel's book back. Another courageous moment is when Father went and help the Jew even though he might get punished and his family might get in trouble.
By Alexis Chao, Hao Wei Chen, Lucia Huang, Sam Huang, Jonathan Yu
Discussion Questions
1. Who's the most courageous character and why? Who is the least courageous character?

2. What gives Max courage?

3. What are some courageous moments in the novel?
Answers to Discussion Questions
1. The various forms of suffering in the novel were the cold, hunger, emotional and physical abuse, guilt, death/the loss of a loved one, and loneliness.

2. The novel kind of shows the Jews suffering during the Holocaust, because the book showed how the Jews were forced to work, even though they were starving and physically abused, and they also showed their hate of the Jews by also punishing the people who tried to help them.

3. Guilt is connected to suffering in the book, because people were feeling guilty for something they may or may not have done. An example in the book is when Michael's mother was willing to die when she found out one of her sons have died, but Michael was feeling guilty for wanting to live so he ended up killing himself and causing his mother to suffer even more, with the loss of both her sons.
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