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EPQ Presentation

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Rebecca Williams

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of EPQ Presentation

Do children become an innocent victim of their mother's crime? EPQ Presentation by Rebecca Williams Choosing a Topic Gender Specific needs of Women Do children become the innocent victims of their mother's crime? Law Research Findings Evaluation Women in Prison Mothers Drugs Hygiene Mothers in prison The impact of separation Services for pregnant women Mother and Baby units Prison Primary Research Secondary Research Books Inspired my topic choice Journal Articles Accessed through University log in Useful for evaluation and overview of issues Reports by professional and government organisations Statistics What percentage of the prison population in the UK are females? 4.5%
How many children do you think are separated from their mother’s each year due to imprisonment? 17,700
What is the average distance adult female prisoners are held from their homes? 57 miles
What percentage of adult female prisoners, in 2010, were held over 100miles from homes? 18.9%
How many places are their in Mother and Baby units across the UK? 75 Emily is 6 weeks old. Her mother has just been convicted for 5 months Jolie has just been convicted for 6 years. She is 8 months pregnant and will give birth in prison. James is 2 years old. His mother has just been convicted for 18 months. His father is also in prison. Alternatives and Solutions - Fewer custodial sentences, and development of community sentences
- Smaller, local prisons
- Women's Centres to provide support and prevent recidivism Watch this space! - Improved 'funneling' skills
- Gained research skills
- Learnt how to reflect and constantly improve my project
- Prepared me for University essays and dissertation
- Enabled me to look at the law from a different perspective
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