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Mastering Self-Management

No description

Greg Langstaff

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Mastering Self-Management

Mastering Self-Management
Creating a Self-Management System
Monthly Calendars
Acting On Purpose
Looking at graduate school requirements.
Creeping on my new bestie's facebook page.
Staying up all night on Oct. 14th finishing a presentation for MGMT 1001.
Setting up a meeting with my professor to
discuss the end of term exam.
What are some benefits?
Overview of important due dates
Allocate time effectively
Can be found conveniently in you cell phone
How To Create One:
Break down you life into your roles
Establish a goal for each role
Create a list of actions needed to achieve that goal
Order those actions based on importance and urgency.
Next Action Lists
Tracking Forms
"To Do List"
Check boxes to track progress
"The willingness to do whatever has to be done , whether you feel like it or not, until you reach your goals or dreams." (Downing, p. 145, 2011)
Developing Self-Discipline
Be a creator, don't be... these people
NSU Improvement Project
You are hired as a student representative to work with the President of NSU. You have been given a large budget to undertake one project to improve students' lives.
What change are you making?
How will this benefit students?
How will this benefit the President/NSU?
What are the negative consequences of not making this change?
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