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Applied Trend Zara Final

No description

Julianne Tomicic

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Applied Trend Zara Final

Finally Popcorn, Faith. "TrendBank." Faith Popcorns. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2012.


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www.mens-lifestyle.com Zara In the Market Competition & Advantages Gentlemen The Customer Primal Romance The Trend Charles Clark Jr. Ashley Giannos
Julianne Tomicic Amy Lee
Bria DiMare Maria Leon Vertical Integration Advantages Forever 21 Competition Uniqlo Gap H&M Top Shop Expand very fast Low cost Better survey over inventory Originate designs within two weeks Short lead times Founded in Spain in 1975 by Amancio Ortega & Rosalìa Mera Has become the flagship chain store of the group Intidex Expanded to an online retail site in 2010 Zara is now in 85 Countries with 1,671 retail locations Has become a leader in street style fast fashion carrying lines for Men, Women, and Children. This includes the street casual line TRF and the online launched home line. Secondary Target Customer:
The Older Zara Woman Zara Women She is the everyday woman that wants to be well dressed for work and will take that extra step to make sure she is well put together. Primary Target Customer
The Zara Women They browse the store every week-every 2 weeks to see what new products are available. Single, No children yet. They work on/ near busy streets (where typical Zara stores are located). The Zara women are Supervisors, Junior Managers, and skilled Manual Workers. Income level between 30k-45k. Between the age of 18-26 (58%) Interested in fashion and low cost Street Chic Between the ages of 27-40 Goes to nice restaurants on the weekends and always will dress to impress Knows the latest fashion trends Works as Executives and Assistants Income level between $50k-90k Recently Married/0-2 children Sophisticated Edge Kids Between the ages of 3 months-14 yrs old. The Zara Children Between the age of 29-40 Secondary Target Customer: The Established Zara Man Between the age of 21-28 (22%) Primary Target Customer: The Zara Man Single/Recently Married, No children yet. The Zara man enjoys being well dressed for work and in their leisure time. They are the classic men that are interested in fashion but don’t go to the extreme. Interested in fashion and low cost Young Gent Shops once every other week in order to keep up with the latest trends. Recently married/0-2 children Goes to upscale bars/lounges on weekends with friends. The Zara man enjoys being well dressed for work and in their leisure time. They are the classic style with a fashionable twist. Interested in the latest trends. Dapper Sir Future Fashion Leaders Parents income between 50k-90k. Wear layers and accessories (hats) to add to a completed look. Parents shop once a week to keep up with the latest trends and dress their “Mini Me” They are interested in being comfortable to fit their playful lifestyle. "The retailer's international footprint proves that national borders are no hindrance to a shared fashion culture." "Zara's approach to design is closely linked to our customers. A non-stop flow of information from stores conveys shoppers’ desires and demands, inspiring our 200-person strong creative team. " "Zara is in tune with its customers, who help it give shape to the ideas, trends and tastes developing in the world. This is the secret to its success among a wide range of people, cultures and generations, who, despite their differences, all share a special fondness for fashion." Primal Romance of the 21st Century Interpretation Zeitgeist Primal Romance of the 21st Century 2014 Winter Olympics December 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar Natural Disasters Fantasy Adventure Being Alive v. Down-Aging Technological competition Technological Advancement New Romanticism Minimalism Taking traditional and infused with technology Evolution Dark v. Light Modernism v. Post-Modernism Natural v. Unnatural Contradictions of Life/Nature Zara & Primal Romance Women Zara Women’s Tops
Structured with softer edge
Technology inspired with hard feminine structure & cutouts with lace trimming
Color blocking of dark and light colors
Military inspired with embellished detail for softer edge
Hi-Low details Zara Women: Tops Zara Women’s Outerwear
Men’s wear inspired with a contrast of feminine appeal
Coats made of Wool
Blazers/Jackets: Polyester/Rayon mix
Colors & Trimmings: Lace or Leather Zara Women: OuterWear Zara Women’s Dresses
Structured dresses with softer edge
Technology inspired with hard feminine structure
New take on LBD: cutouts
Leather trim gives edgier look Zara Women: Dresses Zara Women’s Bottoms
Structured with softer edge
Color blocking of dark and light colors
Mix of relaxed fit and structured
Asymmetrical detailing
Leather & Lace trimming Zara Women: Bottoms Fabric Name: Cable Knit
Fabric Content: Wool Fabric Name: Velvet
Fabric Content: Rayon Fiber Name: Compact Gabardine
Fiber Content: Polyester/Wool Fiber Name: Fantasie Tricot
Fiber Content: Polyester Fabric Name: Wool Back Lace
Fabric Content: Wool/Polyester Fiber Name: Leather
Fiber Content: Calf Skin Fiber Name: Metallic Organza
Fiber Content: Cotton/Polyester Fabric Name: Textured Wool
Fiber Content: Wool Fiber Name: Monofilament Satin Sheen
Fiber Content: Polyester Fabric Story Primal Romance Zara & Men Sophisticated Edge Sophisticated Edge Sophisticated Edge Sophisticated Edge The collection features classic looks of the warmer variety including double breasted pants suits, black turtle necks. Relaxed coats, fitted pants suits, stylish bow ties and knitwear pieces. Menswear Wide range of denim
Three piece suits of actual colors
Knitted patterns Dapper Sir Modern shapes/ rock roll
Blues, all shades of gray
Elegant and luxurious
Denim trend- Jean jackets and vests are a staple in the season.
Popular color olive green Young Gent The pops of color add a Romantic and fashion forward style to the Primitive look. Print: statement prints emerge as a key story in puffas with traditional outdoor camos and heritage-inspired tartans remaining strong Fabric: focus is on ultra-lightweight textiles with paper-like finish. Oil slick and high-shine finishes are a strong direction Young Gent Pendulum Swing: One extreme to the Other Available at Zara, the distressed denim vest ads a primitive look, paired with the Toasted Cream colored pants.
The Olive Forest colored boots are also available in Midnight Sky. Men Young Gent Young Gent Young Gent Zara & Primal Romance Kids Zara Girl: Bottoms Straight lines
Ripped jeans-distressed theme
Blacks and natural colors
Use of buckles
Use of utilitarian look Zara Girl: Tops-Outerwear Structured lines
Bows, drapes, and ruffles
Playful details, yet formal
Dark colors mix with whites. (bright vs. dark) Darker colors
Added details
Mix bights with darks
Patterns & prints
Clean lines Zara Baby Girl Zara Girl: Dresses A-line structure with pretty accents
Two tear drapes
Mix of pinks with grays
Flower embellishments
Sweater dresses-protect, yet feminine Future Fashion Leaders Future Fashion Leaders Future Fashion Leaders Future Fashion Leaders Future Fashion Leaders Zara Baby Boys Darker Colors
Clean Lines
Utilitarian Influences
Mixture of Toasted Creams, Sands and Midnight Sky Tops will become more structured
Leather gives edge to softer shape
Embellishments create an interesting design Street Chic Soft Shapes and basic shapes
Hard geometric designs
Futuristic embellishments Street Chic Color contrasts
Size contrasts
Detail oriented vs.
Simple shape Street Chic Dresses Outerwear Future Fashion Leaders Boys Outerwear Future Fashion Leaders Boys Bottoms Future Fashion Leaders Boys Tops Straight cut pants for clean lines
Darker color palettes
Minimal details on studier fabrics to compliment play Utilitarian touches
Heavy wools
Chunky knits
Larger simple button details Heavy Use of Olive Forest
Chunky knits in fitted shapes ( Structured but soft)
Brown accents in footwear in Desert Sand tones Tops Structured but drapes for smooth edges
Bold digital prints and embellishments
Colorblocking Street Chic Bottoms Mist Desert Sand Toasted Cream Midnight Sky Olive Forest Daytime Shade Olive Forest Midnight Sky Desert Sand Mist Romance Color Story Somber Blue Shadow Black Fantasy Green Primal Orange Toasted Cream
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