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No description

Ross Whitton

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of DOG DAYS 2013 (FTF)

What alternative forms of transportation would you recommend? (think about social, environmental, economical issues)
Have your Fresno State Email transferred to:
1. Your primary email account (Yahoo, G-Mail)
2. Your smartphone (i-Phone, Android, Blackberry)
Registration Reminders
Check registration holds
Create 2-3 different schedules
Location, Location, Location
Take classes at my smart time
Check pre-requisites
English and Math Remediation
Academic Probation and Disqualification
ELM (Entry Level Math)- p. 9
Score 30 or below
MATH 1RA (Fall only)
MATH 1RB (Spring only)
GE B4 Class
Score of 32-40
MATH 4R or
GE B4 Class
Score of 42-49
GE B4 Class
Score of 50+
GE B4 Class
Directed Self-Placement
Option 1
Accelerated Academic Literacy
Option 3
English Strategies for Multilingual Speakers
Option 2
Stretch Composition
English Placement Test (EPT)- p. 8
English 10 (Satisfies GE and Remediation

Must earn a C or better
Semester 1
English 5A (Satisfies Remediation)
Semester 2
English 5B (Pre-Requisite= ENGL 5A; Satisfies GE Area A2)

Both classes must be passed with a C or better
Semester 1
Linguistics 6 (Satisfies Remediation)
Semester 2
English 5A (pre-requisite LING 6)
Semester 3
English 5B (pre-requisite ENGL 5A)

All classes must be passed with a C or better
Check AP scores
2nd Semester Freshman Advising Hold

Registration Dates
Registration closes: July 26th-30th
Registration re-opens: July 31st
***All students are limited to 16 units for registration ***
High School vs. College
You seldom need to read anything more than once
You will need to review class notes and textbook material regularly
College Tip
Be aware of academic rumors
ELM Exemptions
a score of 23 or above on ACT
EPT Exemptions
High School vs. College
Teachers will remind you about incomplete work
Professors may not remind you of incomplete work
High School vs. College
Classes are picked for you
You set your own schedule
Group Activity
In assigned groups solve your registration scenario:
1. How to search for a class
2. How to add a class
3. How to swap a class
4. How to drop a class
5. Class is full need to waitlist
You will have 5 mins to put together your presentaion; be prepared to show the whole group
Stuff to ask my Academic Advisor
GE requirements
Career/Major exploration
AP credit
**Advising Services is the "Major" department for Undeclared Students**
Call 559-278-1787 to set up an appointment
Stuff to ask my Major Advisor
Internships related to my major
Planning a degree roadmap
Course sequencing
Transferring a course into my major
Clear advising holds
**Call your department directly to set up an appointment to see your major advisor**
Passing score on the EPT is 147+
Passing score on the ELM is 50+
TO be completed in your first year
Degree Requirements
Minimum of 120 units needed to Graduate
General Education
51 units
Major Requirements
30-85 units
Electives (anything not counting for GE or Major)
0-42 units
Any questions?
Office of Advising Services
Joyal 224 (right across from Fin. Aid)
(559) 278-1787
Academic Advising Presentation
Ross Whitton

Advising Services
Joyal 224
(559) 278-1787

Welcome to DOG DAYS!
Walk-In Wednesdays
9:00-11:00 AM and 1:30-4:00 PM
a score of 550 or above on the verbal section of the SAT I
a score of 680 or above on the SAT II Writing Test
AP English test score of 3 or above
a score of 24 or above on ACT English Test
a score of 550 or above on math section of SAT I or SAT II
AP Calculus score of 3 or above
High school: A-G
College: A-E aka General Education (GE)- p. 11
Learning Communities
2. Housing LCOM
***All Learning Community classes are GE or Remediation***
(p. 6)
(p. 6)
(p. 7)
(p. 12)
p. 14
p. 15
Friday July 25th by 3:30 pm
Fall 2014 fee payment deadline
Fall 2014 Instruction Begins-
Thursday August 21st 2014

Thursday September, 4th
Last day to-
Add a class w/o permission of instructor
Add a class by wait-list
Thursday September, 18th-
Last day to:
Add a class w/ permission of the instructor
Drop a class w/o permission
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