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The Language of Love

The Language of Love

Junhyung Bae

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of The Language of Love

The Language of Love The language of love expresses the people's feeling to appeal their love to other people. And the form doesn't matter,
as long as it contains one's mind What are the words that
we can say that they are
the language of love? Lovely smile Caring with a dedication Giving a protection There are some examples Examples from Literature In "The Pearl", Kino is doing
everything to protect Coyotito and to
make his life better Kill the follwers In the "Romeo & Juliet", Juliet is
taking risk to marry with Romeo Juliet drinks the poison Sacrifice themselves Kino and Juana always smile
at Coyotito to show their love Real Life Examples A mother always stay with children,
smiling at them, and holds their hand When his wife is sick, the husband
buys some medicine and bring it to his wife But there are a lot of type of love.
It can be possesion, it can be one sided love
Also, love can exist in many ways. In "The House On Mango Street", Esperaza loves a boy in the dance A young boy loves a girl and confess to her "All nights the boy who is a man
watches me dance, He watched me dance" Finishing this presentation...
Let's use The Language of Love more frequently
before it's too late!
Thank You!
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