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The Year of Faith 2012

No description

Alex Quizon

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Year of Faith 2012

I I I I I l l l l L l The year of faith was announced official by Pope Benedict XVI through the Porta Fidei (Apostolic Letter). It started October 11, 2012 and ends November 24, 2013. Pope Benedict XVI announced 2012 the beginning of the year of faith because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church written by Pope John Paul II. 10 Important Facts About the Year of Faith
By Alex Quizon 8B It was created so everyone, especially Christians, can rediscover their faith because sometimes we take it for granted that God gives it to us as a gift. We can do this by reflecting on our faith and its beliefs and strengthening it to strengthen our relationship with God. The pope advises us to look up to and show reverence to Mary, who is our model of faith and virtues. Mary is a good example of faith in God, especially because she accepted God's invitation to be Jesus' mother and stuck to her faith and prayed to God even during the bad times, like when Jesus was being sent to Calvary to be crucified. We can devote ourselves and our time to Mary by planning retreats, praying the rosary, and visiting shrines dedicated to Mary. D The conclusion of the Year of Faith is on November 24, 2013, which means that the Year of Faith lasts more than one earth year. November 24, 2013 was selected as the final day of the Year of Faith because it is the day we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ the Universal King. THE EN The Magisterium is assigned to try their hardest to make facts known about evangelization and focusing on faith and its principles. This way, people can keep their relationship with God close with their busy daily routines by just turning on the radio to hear a couple of verses of Scripture or watching weekday masses on certain television channels. Evangelization will be spread through several modern types of media, including radios, television, films, and newspapers. For most Catholic schools, universities, and seminars, the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be introduced and explained. This is so the youth, pupils of all ages, and young adults may grow in faith and discover more about it. This is the second time that we have had the year of faith. Pope Paul VI declared one in 1967. l l l l l The Year of Faith in 1967 was held to remember and venerate St. Paul and St. Peter. St. Paul was at first a man who actually killed Christians because of their faith. After he received one of the most life-changing conversions, he became strong in the Catholic faith by being one of the Church's major early leaders. Along with St. Paul, St. Peter was one of the most influential leaders and became the first pope of Rome. 10 Facts About the Year of Faith
By Alex Quizon 8B YAY! The priests who will be ordained through the Sacrament of Holy Orders will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of faith. They will have the chance to review and understand familiar religious documents, especially the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I I I I I I Also, they will be able to learn more about the saints who were real witnesses of faith. As preparation for the year of faith and during the year of faith, we should really pay attention to what Pope Benedict XVI says in the Porta Fidei. This means that we should read the Porta Fidei and reflect on its meaning, especially the part about how we should enter the "door of faith" to renew our relationship with God. All Catholics should encourage people who are not Catholics or do not believe they have faith to learn more about God and Catholicism. This is so they can understand that they along with everyone else is searching for the meaning and helpfulness of faith in their own lives. If this happens, the Church may be able to convert more and more people to Christianity to experience God's love and kindness. Extra Information About the Year of Faith Thank you for watching my presentation. The Year of Faith's symbol is a ship with a cross on it and it is being pushed by the wind. This picture depicts that the Church, which is one body,(ship) is headed by Jesus Christ (cross) and will be guided by the Holy Spirit (wind) during our journey on the year of faith. October 11, 1962= start of Vatican II and CCC There are four stages of faith development: experienced faith, affiliative faith, searching faith, and owned faith. Experienced faith is the level of faith for people who take on the faith of significant people in his/her life. Affiliative faith is the level of faith for people whose faith is affected by peers and the outside world and is nurtured by being active in the community Searching faith is the stage of faith that occurs when people leave home, literally and figuratively. Owned faith is the stage when an individual chooses the valuse and beliefs of faith as his/her own because it is his/her decision.
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