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Ulysses s. Grant

18th president

Santoro Period4-1

on 8 January 2010

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Transcript of Ulysses s. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant war facts Hello From Ulysses s. grant The End Born in 1822 His dad owned a Ohio tannery
and Ulysses was supposed to take over the family business. Grant married Julia Boggs
And they had four kids:Fredrick,Ellen,Jesse and Ulyses jr. on August 22,1848.
This is a picture of the family together By:Yazmin,Jared,Jordan Grant graduated from Westpoint Military Academy on March 20, 1846. To Hannah
Simpson Grant,and Jesse Root
Grant. But Ulysses did'nt like the family business so his dad sent him to Westpoint Military Academy.
Three years later he served as a
Lieutenant in the Mexican-American war. He was only 17. This is considered the
beginning of Grant's
militarial career. He resigns after the Mexican war
but after struggling through the
years he joins the Northern Effort/Army. In 1861 Grant is appointed
brigadier general by Abraham
Lincoln. He was 19 Grant was inaugurated for
his first term in 1869. He was reelected in 1872. During his campaigns he enforced civil rights
for African Americans and signed the Resump-
tion of the specie Act which provided redemption
for the United States currency which at the time
was'nt doing so well. Ulysses S. Grant died on July
23, 1875 of throat cancer. Ulysses real name is
Hiram Ulysses Grant he
adopted US Grant because
It was on the roster at westpoint. We hope you learned something. ARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS?
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