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Bottled up!!

No description

Joshua Ginsberg

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Bottled up!!

Bottled Up By: Jaye Murray Setting: Graveyards, Home Theme: Second Chances Tone: Dark, Sarcastic Climax: Pip gets arrested and taken home under the influence. Protagonist: Pip. He is the main charcter and the
story is all about him. Antagonist: Pip. He is the only one not trying to help himself get better and make the right decisions. Quote: "I want to hold my breath for as long as it takes.
I want to stop breathing just long enough to know what
it would be like to be totally still. Like being a cough
away from death. Not really there-not really here." (Pip, pg. 66) Critical Praise: Alternately cocky, funny and maudlin, [this novel] gets its appeal from Pip’s unnervingly convincing teenage voice. (The Washington Post) Summary: Pip is a young man who tries to escape his problems by running to drugs and drinking. He is finally given and ultimatum by his dean and is forced into fixing his life. He pushes and fights it at first but relizes the other side is greener and that flying straight isnt such a bad thing.
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