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T.Eugene Thompson

“murder of the century”

Ryan Erdmann

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of T.Eugene Thompson

T.Eugene Thompson The Life He grew up in St.Paul MN, was a good family man, took his family to places like the Minnesota River to go camping and fishing and by others he was a well liked and never seemed like a person who would do such things. The Reason He has not admitted to being wrong or confessing to what he has done but the evidence shows that he had clearly hired someone to kill his wife. No one really knows the reason why he killed his wife, not even his kids. By: Ryan Erdmann The Book This Book was written from the writer
Will Swanson. Will was 18 when Carol was murdered and now he is a senior editor for the Minneapolis St.Paul Magazine. He has spent 8 years researching through all the old files and information to write his book. The Killer Dick W. C. Anderson,
murder of Carol Thompson. The Victim Carol Thompson,
a pretty, dark-haired woman with the cat's-eye glasses and a
smile to match. she was the ideal look of a mom. The End In the end, Paroled in 1983, T. Eugene Thompson lived quietly,
at the age of seventy, with his second wife. In 1996, left from the
pulic view. He was intverveiewed and said (for 35 yrs.) he had nothing to
do with his wifes murder. T.Eugene Thompson was as well known
person as Harmon Killebrew and Hubert Humphrey. Now his case is
just a faded memory of what was once one of the most
horrific murders of Minnesota history and possible the U.S. His nickname when he was younger was cotton top becasue if his whitish blonde hair.
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