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By: Yessica Flores

No description

yessica flores

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of By: Yessica Flores

What is Silver-Russel Syndrome?
It’s a disorder present at birth involving poor growth. Meaning one side of the body also will appear to be larger than the other.
Most are present at birth.
While for other appear in early childhood.
Silver-Russel Syndrome
A Life of
By: Yessica Flores
What are the causes?
Could be nutrition schedule with specified snack and meal times
Making sure the person gets enough calories to prevent low blood sugar and promote growth
The growth hormone injections; in case hormone is lacking.

Shoe lift (used to slightly raise one heel)
With a corrective surgery
All people with Silver-Russel syndrome have normal intelligence but they may experience delays in reaching early developmental milestone

List of Sources!
In other patients, the syndrome may affect chromosome 11
Its not all chromosome 11, it's only 11p15.5 that has a duplication
Up to 1 in 10 children with this syndrome have a problem involving chromosome 7
Such as deletion on chromosome 7 or duplication of chromosome 7
Males and Females are equally affected.
Is to donate and help a children diagnostic with Silver-Russel syndrome with some very challenging diagnosis some children need.
"Children have a short time to grow and a lifetime to live with the results"
Most of the time, it occurs in people with no family history of the disease.
The majors criteria:
The treatment focuses on treating it's symptoms, so the child can develop as normal as possible
For instance, treatments that help with growth and developments

For girls:

The luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone treatments, meaning this hormone released in females to trigger monthly ovulation
Treatment to accommodate for limb asymmetry
Treatment for encourage mental and social development
Speech therapy
Physical therapy, to improve muscle tone
Language therapy
Early development intervention programs
Or even psychologists may be also be involved
About 10 percent kids have small stature(short arms or short height) for growth age
Delay bone age
Low birth weight
The limb or facial unevenness
And between 3-97% the normal head circumference is another major criteria for Silver-Russel syndrome.
Fifth-finger clinodactly: meaning when the pinky fingers curve toward the fourth fingers
Wide forehead with a small Triangle-shaped face and a small narrow chin
Other symptoms:
Changes in skin pigment
Like birthmarks that are color of coffee with milk

Feeding difficulties mostly in infants
And gastrointestinal disorders like acute diarrhea or acid reflux disease
The symptoms should improve with age like

The speech difficulties
low weight
short stature

Older children and adults do not show typical features as clearly as infants or younger children.
They have normal intelligence, but most of the times they may have a learning disability.
Minor symptoms:

Kidney problems:
Horseshoe kidney
Renal tubular acidosis

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