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Cell Analogy

How a cell is like an amusement park

Anne L.

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

By: Anne The cell as an Amusement Park The membrane is like the main gate... The nucleus is like the manager... The cytoplasm is like the air in the amusement park... The smooth ER is like the pathways... It lets only certain people in, just like a membrane is selectively permeable. The manager runs the amusement park and makes decisions about what happens, just like the nucleus holds the DNA of the cell. The air fills the space between the rides and attractions just like the cytoplasm fills the cell. The paths lead people around between rides and attractions like the smooth ER leads ribosomes around the cell. The rough ER is like the Sky Ride or trains... Amusement Parks usually have a means of getting around the park quickly, like the rough ER. The rough ER has ribosomes on it. The Mitochondrion are like the control panels for rides... The Mitochondrion make energy for the cell, and so the electricity gives energy to the rides. Vacuoles are like the gift shops.... Gift shops have storage rooms that they use to store their shirts, etc. Vacuoles store water and food for the cell. Lysosome are like the trash cans... The lysosomes digest food and breaks down bigger molecules like the trash cans help keep the park clean. The golgi body is like the food stands... The food stands set up around amusement parks "package" food and send them out, likewise, the golgi body "packages" materials.
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